85% of motorists likely to use recycled car parts, led by desires to save money and be sustainable

Pictured is Richard Brennan, Managing Director of REvolve. Photographer: Gillian Murphy Photography

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Survey reveals growing acceptance and preference for green parts in the motoring industry

The motoring industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainability, according to a recent survey conducted by independent supply chain solution provider, REvolve. The survey, which gathered insights from 221 individuals across Ireland, highlights a growing awareness and acceptance of green parts, also known as recycled or used parts, among consumers and industry professionals.

75% of participants stated that they were aware that recycled car parts are commonly used in the automotive industry; with 85% of respondents expressing a willingness to consider using recycled car parts for future maintenance or repairs. Cost and environmental sustainability emerged as the most important factors influencing the decision to use recycled car parts, followed by past positive experiences, safety assurances, and convenience.

40% of respondents reported a change in their opinion regarding the use of recycled car parts compared to five years ago, indicating a growing acceptance and recognition of the proposition offered by green parts.

Commenting on the survey findings, Richard Brennan, Managing Director of REvolve said “Recycled parts are not a new concept, but there has been a clear societal shift and it is encouraging to see more people are receptive to choosing environmentally sustainable solutions. As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers and businesses alike, there’s a tremendous opportunity for innovation and collaboration to drive positive change and reduce the environmental footprint of the automotive sector.”

Among those hesitant to use recycled car parts, concerns about guarantees, durability, and safety were given as the main reasons. However, 86% of the survey’s respondents stated they would be happy to use green parts if their use resulted in insurance premium decreases.

Highlighting the benefits of choosing recycled parts, Brennan explained “Green parts not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but notably, “going green” also translates to a faster and more cost-effective solution, as green parts are more readily available and are approximately 30% cheaper than OEM parts.”

The survey confirmed that garages and vehicle repairers can play a positive role in the take up of green parts, with over 60% of motorists looking to repairers to offer adviceabout car parts before they make a decision; with 50% of respondents saying that have been given the choice of a green part in the past. 51% said they would choose a green part over a new part if offered it by their repairer; with 6 in 10 saying their first port of call when sourcing a green part would be their garage or mechanic, while 3 in 10 would turn to the internet to find what they need.

REvolve’s survey findings do however indicate a lack of awareness and understanding on the topic, with 39% admitting they do not know which parts can be reused for cars in need of repair. Just 20% of respondents were aware that all parts except ‘safety critical’ parts such as bumpers, trims, panels, and door glass, can be used in repairs; demonstrating that more education and information is required to highlight how green parts are used, and the benefits they can bring. 90% of respondents expressed the belief that there should be more government support or regulations promoting the use of recycled car parts, underscoring the importance of policy initiatives in driving sustainability within the automotive industry.

The survey also revealed a strong preference for digital (paperless) versions of motoring documents, with over 72% of respondents in favour of digital tax discs, and insurance discs, and 80% in favour of digital vehicle registration certificates.

Through its innovative technology platform, REvolve empowers clients to embrace all the benefits of sustainability in a new and innovative way by bringing an independent panel of quality-assured vehicle recyclers and green parts suppliers, and green parts consumers such as insurers, repairers, and fleets, together in a structured, value-driven manner, with real, measurable financial and environmental benefits. REvolve focuses on maximising the re-use of automotive parts and resources, with all of its defined carbon savings independently audited and verified to ensure complete transparency. In 2023, the Monaghan based company took a decisive step towards fully embracing the circular economy revolution with the introduction of carbon labelling on car parts, a first for Ireland.