Advice – Driving on England’s motorways


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As the road safety is a top priority for Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight, here it shares the latest safety campaign launched by Highways England: “Driving on England’s motorways”

Highways England is a UK government company responsible for operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major high speed roads making journeys safer, smoother and more reliable.  Highways England wants everyone who uses and works on their roads to get home safe and well.

A “Driving in England’s motorways” guide has been produced for non-GB goods vehicle drivers and other motorists seeks to promote useful information on using England’s motorways and major high speed roads safely.  The guide includes key safety information, some of which are around the following areas:

►  Journey planning, including where you can get roadwork information from

►  Vehicle checks

►  Driving rules in England, including keeping left, roundabouts, parking and breaks

►  Speed limits on England’s roads

►  Speed and height conversions

►  Potential charges you may be liable for

►  Breakdown and recovery – including what to do and who to contact

The guide has been translated into other languages:

>   Polish

>   Romanian

>   Lithuanian

>   Bulgarian

>   Hungarian

>   French

>   Czech

>   German

>   Italian

>   Portuguese

>   Spanish

>   Punjabi

>   Urdu