Auto Windscreens sees ADAS calibrations nearly double in three years


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AUTO WINDSREENS has revealed Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibrations are now undertaken on more than 20% of windscreen replacements, which has nearly doubled since 2020. The company has responded to this continued demand by expanding its Technical Training team, appointing Emma Brown as ADAS Technical Advisor.

If a vehicle with some form of ADAS technology requires a windscreen replacement, a calibration is necessary to ensure monitors and cameras, which are often mounted on the glass, continue to operate to manufacturers’ specification.

During 2021, Auto Windscreens undertook calibrations most frequently on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. However, with more mainstream brands now featuring ADAS technology, this year, the company is seeing more calibrations on Fords than any other manufacturer, and calibrations for Seat vehicles have more than doubled. Proportionally, Land Rover and Jaguar have the highest ratio, with around 50% of windscreen replacements requiring ADAS recalibration in 2023.

Sean Draycott, Auto Windscreens’ Operations Director, said: “Calibrations now make up 20.9% of windscreen replacements, compared to 11.7% in 2020 and 14.9% in 2021 – it’s been steadily increasing over the last three years.

“We need experienced people to manage this level of demand, and Emma has been working with our ADAS team for five years. Her understanding and knowledge of our equipment and dealerships is already proving invaluable in her new role. With more and more vehicles entering the market with ADAS technology, we expect calibrations to continue to make up an increasing proportion of our business.”