Auto Windscreens urges customers to fix their chips due to soaring temperatures


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With we are all enjoying hot, dry weather and with some areas officially experiencing heatwaves – Auto Windscreens is warning sustained high temperatures could lead to an increase in windscreens cracking.

James Macbeth, Auto Windscreens’ Managing Director, explained: “It’s widely known that frosts and cold weather can cause chipped windscreens to crack, but it’s also the case that high temperatures can have the same effect. The cost of a full windscreen replacement claim is 83% higher to an insurer, compared to getting a chip repaired.”

The average daily temperature last week was 19.3C, compared to 12.8C two weeks prior, and the business has seen a 14.7% rise in the volume of windscreen repair and replacement bookings. During last year’s heatwave, windscreen replacements increased by 5% on average, while the proportion of repairs reduced by the same figure. The company is urging those with chipped windscreens to get them repaired before they become a bigger problem.

James added: “We appreciate times are tough for many at the moment, but when you consider an average repair excess is only £8.50 which is 10% of the cost of a replacement excess, it’s best not to wait. A repair is negligible in terms of carbon impact in comparison to fitting a new windscreen, too. It makes sense to get chips repaired quickly, not only for our customers and the insurance industry, but for the environment, too.”