Car Hire: European Capitals With the Cheapest Deals


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Despite car rental prices increasing worldwide, interest in car hire has risen by 90%, according to research by Uswitch & TravelSupermarket

With this in mind, they analysed auto rental prices to discover the most and least affordable European capitals to hire a car.

This‌ ‌research‌ ‌is‌ ‌part‌ ‌of‌ ‌a‌ larger study into the relative price of hiring a car in 25 European capitals.


Rank City Country Average daily cost
1 Moscow Russia € 29.73
2 Brussels Belgium € 30.07
3 Prague Czech Republic € 33.26
4 Warsaw Poland € 33.98
5 Paris France € 35.11
6 Kyiv Ukraine € 36.32
7 Madrid Spain € 37.39
8 Tirana Albania € 38.14
9 Bratislava Slovakia € 38.90
10 Tallinn Estonia € 40.76
11 Lisbon Portugal € 44.92
12 Budapest Hungary € 45.22
13 London United Kingdom € 46.43
14 Oslo Norway € 46.78
15 Stockholm Sweden € 47.61

Moscow leads as the cheapest European capital to hire a car. With an average cost of 29.73 per day (€208.08 per week), renting a car in the Russian capital is almost 50% cheaper than in Rome (€61.78 per day).

Following closely behind in second place is Brussels. Whether going to the capital for its famous Belgian waffles or to visit the picturesque Bruges, drivers can hire cars for an average cost of 30.07 per day and €210.48 per week.

Prague is the third cheapest European capital to hire a car in. The average daily cost for car rental in the Czech Republic’s capital is 33.26 (€232.78 per week) – approximately 52% less than Amsterdam, which comes in 20th place (€63.58 per day and €445.04 per week).

Madrid claims seventh place

With an average daily cost of €37.39, Madrid offers a cheaper price for car hire than other capitals such as Dublin in 16th place (average of 47.08 per day) and Athens in 18th place (€60.15 per day).

Ljubljana in Slovenia is the most expensive European capital for car rental!

Surprisingly, the report reveals that Slovenia’s capital is the most expensive European city in which to hire a car. Ljubljana comes at the bottom of the list in 25th place, with a daily cost for car rental of €94.66 (€662.56 per week) – over two times more than Paris (€35.11 per day) and London (€46.43 per day)!