Circol ELT welcomes the expansion of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme


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Circol ELT welcomes Minister of State, Ossian Smyth’s announcement to expand the remit of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Scheme for tyres. From 1 January, 2025, the Scheme will include all categories of tyres set out in the Eighth Schedule of the Tyres Regulations (including Truck & Bus, Agri, Construction and Industrial).  This will formalise the Environmental Management Cost (EMC) for all tyres, ensuring their traceability and facilitating proper environmental management as they become waste at end of life.

Over the past five years Circol ELT has sustainably managed over 96%  of passenger car, 4 x 4, van and motorcycle tyres placed on the market in Ireland. This equates to approximately 4 million tyres annually.  Bill Collins, Circol ELT CEO stated ‘The inclusion of these categories will help us measure and manage outcomes for these tyres. Our systems are ready for this expansion and we intend for a smooth transition for all involved.”

Circol ELT is engaging in industry consultation with the various stakeholders involved in vehicle and tyre sales for the Truck & Bus, Agricultural, Construction and Industrial sectors.

Anyone with queries about tyre compliance and their business’ waste obligations can contact Circol ELT on or call 01 4618 600


The tyre compliance scheme is operated using an extended producer responsibility model.  Under this system producers have responsibility to finance the collection and environmentally sound waste management of their products at end of life.  While some tyres are designed to have multiple lives, only one EMC will be applied to a tyre casing during its life.

Circol ELT will consult with stakeholders in all sectors with obligations arising from the expansion of the tyre compliance scheme.