DS Automobiles is to partner Retromobile 2025


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A masterpiece of innovation and the French art of travel, the DS is celebrating its seventieth anniversary in 2025. Launched in 1955 at the Paris Motor Show, this now iconic model made an instant impact on the public, represented by the thousands of order forms signed during the show.

Intended to reflect French industry avant-garde through its unique technical architecture, sleek design, driving pleasure, comfort and safety, the DS has earned legendary status, becoming a symbol of art that goes beyond the automotive world.

The official poster for Retromobile 2025 showcases the DS Balloon designed by advertising executive Claude Puech, one of the major players in the launch of the DS. Produced in 1959, this campaign emphasises first-class comfort inside a DS in an original and impactful way, a comfort in the genes of the Brand.

It features a DS 19 in the “Tortoiseshell blonde” orange colour sitting on four large balloons instead of its wheels, which represent the spheres of the hydropneumatic suspension, all of which seem to float on the water. The photos, elevating the DS to the rank of an avant-garde work of art, have travelled around the world and contributed to the influence of the DS through the decades.

Retromobile 2025 will be one of the highlights of the seventieth anniversary celebrations for the DS, the programme for which will be revealed shortly.

In brief:

  • To celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the DS’s launch at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, DS Automobiles is to partner Retromobile 2025.
  • The official poster for Retromobile 2025 features the DS Balloon, a promotional tool that symbolises extraordinary comfort.
  • The 49th Retromobile show will take place from 5 to 9 February 2025 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles.
  • Brand founded in 2014, DS Automobiles builds on the heritage left by the DS and SM.