FREENOW supports Dublin City Centre Transport Plan

Charlie Gleeson, General Manager, FREENOW Ireland Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

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Bans on private cars and commercial vehicles travelling through Dublin city centre will be in place by August, Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has stated.

Charlie Gleeson, General Manager for FREENOW Ireland is in favour of the move on behalf of the taxi organisation: “FREENOW welcomes Minister for Environment, Climate Communications and Transport Eamon Ryan’s endorsement of The Dublin City Centre Transport Plan and its potential introduction later this year. Recommendations within the plan will help to reduce traffic congestion in Dublin’s city centre by limiting private cars and commercial vehicles passing through the city centre – this will subsequently support greater efficiency of our inner-city public transport, including the rate at which taxis can complete journeys and accept more bookings particularly at peak times.

Taxi drivers servicing passenger demand throughout Dublin city centre provide important door-to-door transport, but typically traffic congestion at peak times makes taxi trips longer for passengers and results in greater waiting times for those hoping to book a taxi. If the proposed measures of the plan come into effect later this year, FREENOW estimates that reduced traffic congestion at peak times would enable passengers to benefit from up to a 20% decrease in the length of their taxi journeys. In addition, FREENOW projects a 13% reduction in waiting times for passengers looking to book a taxi in the city centre, as well as an average saving of 7% on taxi fares due to shorter trips with less time stuck in traffic.  

Taxis are an integral part of Dublin city’s public transport infrastructure, and if it progresses, this plan will support better outcomes both for passengers and for drivers. FREENOW welcomes any consultation with the taxi sector as part of the plan’s review and potential implementation and is happy to provide data and insights pertaining to inner-city taxi usage and challenges from its 12 years in Dublin’s city centre.”