Irish Electric Vehicles Sales ‘Stuck In The Mud’ According To Latest Data 


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Commenting on SIMI’s January sales data, GEOTAB Vice President, Ireland & UK, David Savage said: “January’s Irish electric vehicle sales data highlights that the market is effectively ‘stuck in the mud’, with market share continuing to be pegged at approximately 13% of overall sales. While some might see today’s SIMI data in a positive light, it underlines the huge uphill struggle the Government will have with its 2030 ambition of having 945,000 EVs on Irish roads.

“Today’s figures highlight the damage that reducing EV subsidies has done to the market. Now is the time to reverse course, not only returning subsidies to their previous level, but going above and beyond that by putting supports in place to boost EVs’ popularity. Specific initiatives could include a scrappage scheme for older, high-polluting vehicles; enabling free tolls for specific EV owners, and tailored subsidies for lower-income households as zero emission vehicles remain out of reach for many people.

“The importance of electric vehicles in delivering on Ireland’s climate targets cannot be understated. Minister Ryan has described fleet electrification as the single biggest policy lever within the Climate Action Plan. Yet we are already on the back foot in this regard with the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions report highlighting that transport was the only sector where emissions rose in 2022. With passenger cars accounting for 53% of emissions in 2021 – more than heavy goods vehicles, light goods vehicles and buses combined – it is vital that we swap out polluting ICE vehicles for EVs.

“It has been apparent for some time now that it is a mathematical impossibility for the Government to reach its 2030 target, unless the entire passenger car market switches to electric vehicle purchases overnight. The figures released today should be setting off alarm bells within Government and hopefully, we will see them changing course by plotting out a new strategy for EVs in Ireland.”