How to keep your vehicle secure


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If your vehicle is the tool with which you earn a living, ensuring that it is safe is important. But today, professional car thieves have developed skills and tools that make breaking into a car, van, or truck super simple. “My car has the latest auto-lock system though!”, we hear you cry. That isn’t enough to keep a car secure, with thieves actually seeking out these higher end vehicles.

To help make sure that your livelihood is safe, DMC Locksmiths have put together a rundown of everything you should do with your vehicle if you want it to remain safe from crowbars and masked thieves.

Hide the valuables 

Don’t turn your car into a shop window. Before you get out make sure that anything of value is either hidden or is leaving the vehicle with you. Many car thieves reconnaissance the area, peering through windows to see if turning the side window in is worth their time.

Don’t even think that, if you’re leaving the car for just two minutes, your belongings are safe. A pro thief can break in, take your stuff, and be out of sight in seconds.

Park right

If you find yourself driving long distances to unfamiliar territory for work this one can be tricky.

Parking your car in any old space that’s available is asking for trouble. You don’t know the area. It could well be a hotspot for vehicle break-ins.

Don’t presume that because the area looks nice that your vehicle will be safe either. Do you think a car thief will prowl a run-down, poverty stricken area for loot? No. They’ll look to the nicer parts of town.

Try and park in a built up area where there are plenty of people around. Park near other cars too. Thieves like a vehicle that’s left alone.

Compliment your vehicles’ security

Modern cars have a feature kit that would make the Millennium Falcon jealous. From AI assistants to detailed GPS navigation and their security systems are no different. But as with every advancement, a hack or flaw can be found and used to break in to a vehicle.

So don’t rely just on your vehicles security system.

Purchase a steering wheel lock, buy an in-car CCTV system, install a tracker – do everything and anything you can to bolster you cars security.

Don’t offer opportunity 

It is always tempting when pulling up right outside a shop you need to nip into, to jump out and leave the car running. You’ll only be a couple of minute’s right?

An opportunist thief needs no more than 50 seconds to break into your vehicle. Leaving the door open and the engine running is inviting them to come and have a go!

Your number plates

It’s not just the valuables in the car and the car itself that are at risk. In recent years there has been a surge in number plat thefts as criminals look to use other people’s plates on their own vehicle when performing a crime.

If you spot your number plates have been removed, immediately report it to the police. Otherwise you may find yourself caught up in a crime you had nothing to do with!

Protecting your vehicle from break-ins isn’t difficult and there are no guarantees that you will never encounter a problem. But following these steps will help protect your vehicle.