Luna Systems Partners with Segway-Ninebot to Scale Computer Vision Safety for the Global Shared Micromobility Market


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At the Micromobility Europe conference in Amsterdam, Dublin-based Computer Vision mobility safety company LUNA SYSTEMS is announcing a global partnership with SEGWAY-NINEBOT for the provision of its safety solutions to the shared micromobility market. The partnership will see Luna’s high-accuracy algorithmic solutions for errant rider behaviour being deployed across both Segway’s new open platform, as well as its new retrofit camera-based solution.

Luna’s Computer Vision solutions for the shared micromobility market, enable its operator partners to tackle core challenges such as sidewalk riding, collisions and disorderly parking. To date, Luna has provided its own camera-based retrofit solutions, as well as IoT integration on customer vehicles. While its intention is to continue to provide these solutions, the partnership will enable faster scale across the global market, providing operators with greater access to the technology.

In recent years, the use of Computer Vision to manage errant shared e-scooter use, such as sidewalk riding, has grown, with more cities requesting this technology as part of their licensing terms. With Computer Vision now widely established as a key tool to improve operational safety, this partnership enables the technology to scale and make a significant impact across the entire shared micromobility market.

“We have always believed in the potential of shared micromobility to make a meaningful impact on car reduction. Despite recent developments in Paris, this mode of transport continues to be a popular choice across the globe. We set off in 2020 with the mission of making these schemes more scalable. Core to this were safety issues such as sidewalk riding and collisions. This partnership will make a significant impact so that schemes can realise their full potential”, said Andrew Fleury, CEO & Co-Founder, Luna Systems.

The collaboration provides operators of Segway-Ninebot S90L vehicles with access to Luna’s software, while operators looking for a retrofit solution will have access through Segway-Ninebot’s new Pilot Edge. Operators accessing Luna through Segway-Ninebot hardware will have access to Luna’s highly accurate detection algorithms, powered by localised training, in addition to actionable data and visual confirmation of each errant riding event.

Tony Ho, Vice President, Robotics & Micromobility at Segway-Ninebot added: “We are proud to work with Luna, whose solutions have proven a popular choice in the industry. Across our S90L or Segway Pilot Edge, we want to offer our operator partners quality solutions that enable them to make a significant and real impact on safety. Unlocking safety is key to helping the entire market scale. The context that Luna provides will ensure our customers can confidently make significant improvements on safety, whilst continuing to scale.”

“This is a major milestone for the industry. We are proud to partner with Segway-Ninebot, whose investment in this area is solid confirmation of the demand for Computer Vision,” added Fleury. “For Luna, errant riding behaviour is not just whether a vehicle is on the sidewalk or not – it’s a far more nuanced picture. One of our core differentiators is being able to provide this complete context. Location, speed, the number of pedestrians in the path of the scooter and more are vital elements of that picture. Armed with this data, as well as visual confirmation of an infringement, our customers are enabled to confidently engage with riders about their behaviour – without the concern of customer friction. There are many aspects that come into play when operators need to make that decision that they need to be confident about. We look forward to going on this journey with Segway-Ninebot. We believe that Computer Vision has the potential to keep all riders safe, both shared and consumer,” he concluded.