New AllSeasonContact 2 from Continental Tyres offers unrivalled safety and control in all weather conditions


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Ideal tyre for Ireland: 

  • All-season tyre offers best possible driving control in any weather situation
  • High mileage and low rolling resistance with improved safety characteristics
  • Efficient all-season solution for vehicles of all drive types

The new Continental AllSeasonContact 2 tyre will be rolling into specialist dealers and garages across Ireland from July.

Engineered in Germany, the tyre is the latest addition to Continental’s multi-award-winning AllSeasonContact line – and is Continental’s most technologically advanced all-season tyre yet, offering the best possible driving control in any weather situation, better fuel efficiency, enhanced safety and increased driving pleasure – perfect for vehicles of all drive types.

Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland said: “When you consider that our AllSeasonContact tyres are specially developed to provide optimum performance, safety and grip in both summer heat and rain, and in mild winter conditions, you realise that they really are the ideal choice for our mild Irish climate”.

On its EU tyre label, the AllSeasonContact 2 achieves an excellent “B” grade in wet braking, rolling resistance and rolling noise. As an all-season tyre, it bears the M+S label (‘mud & snow’) and the snowflake symbol required for winter use. In addition, the AllSeasonContact 2 bears the new EV-Compatible logo on the sidewall, indicating the tyre’s compatibility with electric vehicles as well as vehicles of any other drive type.

Continental’s tyre developers have used new materials in the tyre’s construction and made innovative changes to the tread pattern and compound, which includes a newly developed, flexible elastomer network that adapts to the road surface. This has resulted in a six per cent reduction in rolling resistance compared to the tyre’s predecessor and has increased mileage by 15 per cent, without compromising on safety.

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