New EU car registrations 2023: +18.5% in May, battery electric 13.8% market share – ACEA


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In May 2023, the EU car market saw a significant increase in passenger car registrations, with nearly 1 million units, marking a 18.5% growth from the previous year. This is the tenth consecutive month of growth.

All the EU’s four largest markets grew, with the strongest gains in Italy (+23.1%), Germany (+19.2%), and France (+14.8%).
From January to May 2023, the EU car market grew by 18%, to 4.4 million registered cars. Although the market improved in May, year-to-date sales are still 23% lower compared to the same month in 2019, when 5.7 million units were registered. In this five-month period, there were double-digit gains in most markets, including the four largest: Spain (+26.9%), Italy (+26.1%), France (+16.3%), and Germany (+10.2%).

Fuel types of new cars

In May, the market share of battery electric cars saw a substantial increase from 9.6% to 13.8%. Hybrid electric cars are now the second-most popular choice for new car buyers, accounting for almost a quarter of the market. However, petrol cars still have the largest share at 36.5%.