“Take Charge of Your Safety” – TyreSafe Urges Electric Vehicle Drivers to Check Tyres During Charging Breaks


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TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety organisation, is calling on drivers to “take charge” of their safety by conducting vital tyre checks while waiting for their batteries to charge. This crucial period, often filled with scrolling on phones, grabbing a sandwich, or dozing in the front seat, presents an opportunity that could be life-saving if used to ensure tyre safety.

The A.C.T acronym—Air, Condition, Tread—provides simple yet effective guidance on checks that can be done without specialist equipment. By taking just a few minutes to inspect their tyres, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

This initiative comes as part of a partnership between TyreSafe and PCL, the global leader in the design and manufacture of tyre inflation and compressed air products. PCL, long-standing supporters of TyreSafe, are joining forces to emphasise the importance of tyre safety, especially in the growing community of electric vehicle drivers and owners.

“We are thrilled to partner with PCL in urging electric vehicle drivers to ‘take charge’ of their safety,” said Stuart Lovatt, Chairman of TyreSafe. “The time spent waiting for a battery to charge is a prime opportunity to conduct simple tyre checks that could prevent incidents and save lives. The A.C.T acronym is an easy guide for drivers to follow, ensuring their tyres are properly inflated, in good condition, and have adequate tread depth.”

PCL, recognised for its innovative tyre inflation products seen on garage forecourts, tyre shops, factories, and workshops worldwide, is committed to promoting safe driving practices.

Claire Tonks, Business Development Manager at PCL said; “When tyres are not correctly inflated, braking performance is affected, which can lead to dangerous, even fatal, situations. This applies to all vehicles, including EVs. Accurate inflation also extends tyre lifespan, significantly so with EVs, and checking pressure and tread takes just 10 minutes. The ideal time for drivers to do this would be whilst waiting for their car to charge. Sadly, the majority EV stations are not offering an inflation service with full Air, Water and Screen wash provision. This would not only boost their own station revenue, but would also encourage vital, cost saving maintenance checks that could prevent accidents.”

TyreSafe and PCL are urging all electric vehicle drivers to remember the A.C.T acronym during their charging breaks:

  • A for Air: Ensure tyres are inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure.
  • C for Condition: Check for any cuts, bulges, or other signs of damage on the tyre’s sidewalls.
  • T for Tread: Make sure the tyre tread meets the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm and consider changing tyres if tread depth is nearing this limit.

By incorporating these checks into their routine, electric vehicle drivers can contribute to safer roads for all.