UK Drivers in a hybrid state of mind over electric vehicle revolution – Bridgestone


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Some interesting facts from a recent Bridgestone survey relating to the move to electric in the UK

UK motorists are in a hybrid state over the impending electric vehicle revolution according to Bridgestone, with 27% declaring that they will never purchase an EV car – up 5% in two years.

A Bridgestone survey amongst 2,000 drivers has revealed that over a quarter of motorists are still against switching to an EV, although 51% declared that they would be buying one in the next five years, up from 40% in 2023.

A lack of access to charging points (64%) remains the number one concern, shortly followed by initial cost of purchase worries (63%). A further 47% of motorists continue to express ‘range anxiety’ in Bridgestone’s latest in-depth questionnaire, which underlines the contrasting opinions that still exist around the technology.

The findings would appear to tie in with similar studies, including a 2024 Which? report claiming that 68% of EV drivers were not happy with the UK’s charging network. Meanwhile, a 2023 WhatCar survey revealed that 42% of motorists would opt against an EV for cost reasons. And according to recent Department for Transport data, a further 27% of motorists believe that most public charging points have long queues.

Bridgestone remains committed to EVs and ICE models, with its ‘EV Ready’ tyre technology perfectly suited to all technologies.

The Bridgestone Turanza 6 features Enliten tyre technologies, which helps to optimise the performance of internal combustion engine models, hybrids and electric vehicles. This includes low rolling resistance to address range anxiety concerns and prolong battery life and excellent control to address EV-specific driving-related issues. The products also incorporate a higher wear tolerance to combat tyre wear due to the increased weight and higher torque, and decreased noise for driver comfort owing to the near non-existent engine noise of EVs.

Importantly, Bridgestone’s ‘EV-ready’ strategy creates a single product focus and simplifies things for drivers . Additionally,  for customers, it empowers them to choose a tyre for its unique selling point, regardless of whether or not their vehicle is electric or an ICE alternative.

According to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the millionth battery electric vehicle (BEV) joined the roads in Britain in January 2024. The SMMT also forecasts that 414,000 new BEVs are expected to hit UK roads in 2024.

Bridgestone North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said that the survey results proved that there was more work to be done before the electric vehicle revolution could really begin to motor.

He said: “We’re living in exciting and ever-changing times in the automotive world, of that there is no doubt. There’s a huge shift towards a more sustainable and efficient way of travel and it goes without saying that we’re fully committed to the adoption of electric vehicles.

“But we also recognise that there is still a lot of work required to change perceptions amongst motorists, which we can see through our results.

“It requires a joined-up, clear strategy that all automotive groups and businesses can align with, with relevant investment where necessary. At Bridgestone, we’re fully charged towards an era of electrification, as part of our mission to continue to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company towards 2050.”

Bridgestone’s ‘EV Ready’ tyre technology embodies Ecology from Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment; “Committed to advancing sustainable tyre technologies and solutions”.