2030 Nissan GTR wins inaugural WACOM Drive the Future Competition at Autostyle Car Design Competition 2021


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In line with the times and in a change of its usual format, the 18th annual Autostyle Car Design Competition went fully virtual for 2021, with a Drive the Future Competition, hosted with partners Wacom. 
During the Autostyle Digital Editions + Design series of presentations made by leading global automotive and lifestyle brands, young and emerging designers were called to action, not only related to the automotive field, to show their personal vision on how design could help and influence the world of the future.

The entrants were invited to show love and passion for the Automotive World and Car Design by creating and interpreting a famous automotive icon or creating a standout and unique concept of the future.

They were asked to draw their favourite car or imagine the future of the car: by bringing the past, present and future together. The use of both analogue and digital techniques were permitted to create their entry.

Heretofore, students of automotive design from all over the world could send in their portfolios to the Autostyle Car Design Competition, organised by automotive body parts manufacturer Berman S.p.A., based at Mantua, Italy.

There were five aspects to take into consideration for this new competition in order to convince the expert jury consisting of high profile car designers, automotive media and representatives from Wacom, such as: Idea, Concept, Style, Technique & Colour Palette. The top prize on offer for the winner of the contest was a Wacom Cintiq 16 pen-display. It was awarded to Ulises Alonso Morales Mendoza, from Mexico and a student at IAAD in Turin, for his Nissan GTR 2030 interpretation.

The overall standard of entry was very high and many of the ten finalists shortlisted were highly recommended by the jury panel. As featured in the You Tube broadcast, on the final episode from the Autostyle Digital Edition + Design series, jury members picked out their top choices which included the H2Droglide from Dennis Rozyk and Federico Francia’s Speed Six Blue Train, where Legend meets Future Bentley, a modern day version of the Bentley Blue Train from 1930. Both Alessandro Coti and Sabrina Rungaldier paid homage to two famous Italian brands and models, creating the Lancia Golden Stratos and a 21st century Fiat Xe19 coupe. The rebirth of the American Cord Automobile by Siyanasch Yousepour was also noted, as was Stefano Pellino’s  Lamborghini Miura VGT.

Wacom’s Ambassador & Architect Alessio Tommasetti commented on the ongoing collaboration and further advancements with the project: “Wacom has collaborated with Berman and Autostyle Design Competition for a number of years, in what we call the Classical Edition, one of the best automotive events in our professional case histories. In 2020, the Autostyle Design Competition turned into a Digital Edition and we supported the new format with contents and with great will and enthusiasm. A further step in 2021 was to create a digital contest, in the same style as the classical Autostyle Design Competition but with a broader opportunity for innovation and experimentation. A call to action for all designers was issued, not only related to the automotive field, whereby entrants could show their personal vision on how design could help on approach the upcoming and futuristic scenarios. We received lot of entries showing all the love for the Automotive World and Car Design: beautiful digital artworks containing original design and restyling as well. The past, present and future of the Automotive World have been shaped and fashioned by young, upcoming and talented hands. We chose to move towards the future and the future in now!” Jarlath Sweeney – editor@fleet.ie