Lamborghini participates once again at the 2021 Autostyle Digital Edition + Design series


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For the 10th year in sucession, Automobili Lamborghini has participated in the Autostyle Design Competition, promoted by Berman S.p.A since 2004. On this 2021 Autostyle Digital Edition + Design, Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini shared design details of the new Huracán STO and the new Countach LPI 800-4 from its Centro Stile in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in Northern Italy.

The Autostyle Design Competition is a highly significant event within the motor industry – a significant and treasured occasion for designers from the most renowned automotive brands to exchange ideas and experiences. In addition, automotive design students have access to important networking opportunities thanks to the event, which sees Heads of Design from the most prominent brands in the world as part of the jury. Over the past two years these students and stakeholders from within the sector as well as the general public could tune into presentations from these leading designers direct from their Design Centres on a virtual platform.

“Berman Autostyle is incredibly important for our Centro Stile not only for the great content but also for the chance to demonstrate the strength and power of Lamborghini’s design DNA. All this exists because of the foresight and commitment of Roberto Artioli, champion of good design, and all those who, like him, live for and are passionate about it,” began Mitja Borkert in his opening address for Episode 7 of the digital series.
Lamborghini Centro Stile was established in 2004 with the mission to combine the spirit of the brand with innovation to create consistently new and unexpected design solutions. The Centro Stile brings together the greatest talents in automotive design from all over the world, who work in close contact with the Technical Office to create the perfect balance between form and function.

“With just a few elegant and accurate lines, it is possible to create a new Lamborghini,” added Mitja and went on to explain that the design process passes several times from the drawing to the physical model, with the sketches becoming 3D renderings, and on to scale models, and then return to virtual reality to achieve absolute perfection.”

For the record, the STO has 640hp on tap, has a top speed of 310 kp/h and has a 0-100 kp/h in 3.0 seconds

A super-sports car created with a singular purpose, the Huracán STO delivers all the feel and technology of a genuine race car in a road-legal model. Lamborghini’s decades of motorsport experience and expertise, intensified by a winning heritage, is concentrated in the new Huracán STO. Its extreme aerodynamics, track-honed handling dynamics, lightweight contents and the highest-performing V10 engine to date come together, ready to trigger all the emotions of the racetrack in your everyday life. Mitja mentioned that high positioned exhaust pipes on the car were inspired from motorbikes!

A lightweight approach and functional design combine to express pure performance. While its contours may be reminiscent of the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, the Huracán STO features a completely revised shape that optimizes the vehicle’s aerodynamics, while employing carbon fibre in more than 75% of the body panels. In particular, the Cofango – a specially designed body component that incorporates the bonnet and front wings – maximizes the aerodynamic performance while saving weight. “The overall effect is an immediate sense of racing excitement.”

The interior features the same circuit-minded approach, using lightweight, high-quality materials throughout – again using carbon fibre. Featured in the door panels, interior details, seats and floor mats, this light-weight yet super strong material offers a super-sports look that perfectly complements the car’s fine Alcantara and Carbon Skin finishes for added performance flair and functional style.
While recalling the Huracán EVO, the interior design solutions of the new Huracán STO contribute to an overall weight reduction compared to the previous model. Along with additional features such as a new trim and titanium roll bar with 4-point seatbelts, the end result creates an instant  sensation and character of true racing from the moment sitting behind the wheel.

“There are works of art that always remain relevant, and the design of the Countach is one of them.”  This is how Mitja described the styling of this automotive icon. “Its distinctive feature,” he added, “is dictated by a single longitudinal line, visually connecting its front and rear. It’s a perfect inspiration, since even if you change the rest, it’s an element of visual continuity between past and present. It’s the sum of the design elements in Lamborghini’s DNA, the tradition of the styling language from the company’s origins to the present day.”

How does one define a car to be an icon? Is there a magic formula for becoming a legend? The Lamborghini Countach is by definition one of the most iconic models in the now Audi Group owned brand’s history and of the automotive world in general. In order to celebrate the sportcars’ 50th anniversary, 2021 marked the reconstruction of the first Countach, the LP 500, by the Polo Storico*, and for the presentation of its contemporary version, the Countach LPI 800-4, Mitja paid tribute to Lamborghini’s heritage in which visionary design meets future technology.

*Polo Storico is the centre dedicated to classic Lamborghinis and the preservation of the historical heritage of the House of the Raging Bull marque.

“There are works of art that always remain relevant, and the shape of the Countach is one of them. It is the sum of the Design elements of Lamborghini’s DNA, the tradition of stylistic language from the origins up to present-day.”

The original Countach made its debut at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show, making an instant and everlasting impact. Mitja reminded us that aerodynamics were not a significant element in car design in the 70s, more accidental that intentional, unlike today. He and his team took inspiration from space ship design and mentioned Star Wars in particular, especially for the rear end section. The brand’s trademark hexagonal design traits are plain to be seen, in keeping with the family look, shape and feel.

He also stated that the car comes equipped with hybrid 12-cylinder engine fitted with a supercapacitor and a four-wheel drive system. “They are all elements that have not altered the extraordinary spirit of the original Countach,” he added.

“Lamborghini is Instantly recognisable where ever you go, from a 4-year old boy to security staff at airports” – and outlined related incidences to prove the point.

A total of 112 units of the Countach LPI 800-4 will be produced. The cars, all of which have already been sold before being officially unveiled to the public, will be delivered during 2022. Most of the orders were placed by enthusiasts who already own an original Countach model and couldn’t resist the temptation to configure their new Countach with the same colours as the classic one. Jarlath Sweeney