Lancia Pu+Ra HPE – Eleganza Italia styling featured at Autostyle XX Edition + Design


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Thanks to the formation of Stellantis, the automotive giant, established following the coming together of the French PSA Group and Italian/American FCA Automobiles, one of its car brands Lancia is enjoying a long awaited resurgence.

The re establishment of the marque has begun in earnest with the reveal of the new Lancia Pu+Ra HPE prototype and new Ypsilon supermini, due for launch soon, with the new Delta due in 2028.

As mentioned by Gianni Colonnello – Head of Lancia Interior Design, at the Autostyle 2023 + Design 2023 XX Edition event, held at Porto Mantovano, Italy, the Pu+Ra HPE is the first car inspired by the world of furniture, thanks to the collaboration with Cassina, leader in the upscale furniture industry, for a typically Italian “home feeling” experience.

In delivering his on-stage presentation, Gianni stated that “the new Lancia concept car fully embodies the principles of the new design language of the brand, a pure and radical design language where the cars’ volumes are created from the intersection of elementary and iconic forms such as the circle and the triangle, combined with a few eclectic details. The new Lancia concept car therefore becomes an expression of the Italian timeless design, with a sustainable and innovative approach that goes beyond the typical automotive language.”

He mentioned the Pu+Ra HPE’s naming origins: “Pu+Ra refers to the brand’s new, PUre and RAdical design language, while HPE stands for High Performance Electric, for a car that is Eco-sustainable, Exciting and Evolved, all at the same time.” HPE was used for the first time in the 1970s for Lancia Beta, and stood for “High Performance Estate”, a symbol of sportiness and practicality.

The constant dialog between past and future is expressed, he added,  “in the fluid lateral lines that descend towards the rear of the car, recalling the Lancia Aurelia and Flaminia models with their streamlined design.”

The badges on the sides include the new Lancia logo, an expression of the brand’s new visual identity. It revisits all the historic features of the badge (e.g. the steering wheel, the banner, the shield, the spear and the lettering), reinterpreting them with a modern twist, to express innovation, its premium, Italian sporty nature and elegance.

The iconic round lights at the car’s rear is a clear reference to the legendary Lancia Stratos, with the new Lancia lettering placed between the lens. The rear window is also reminiscent of the Lancia Beta HPE, from the 1970s with its horizontal lines that revisit the renowned sun blind structure. The frontal section reinterprets the historic Lancia grille, now taken forward into the future.

With almost 100 years of history, innovation and research, furniture maker Cassina is now transferring its experience to the automotive sector, focusing on the values shared with Lancia, such as Italian spirit, innovation, tradition, and respect for the environment.

“Our starting point was certain furnishings that set the tone of a home, which were then transferred to the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE: the centrality of upholstered items in the living room; the coffee table, a “multifunctional” central element; finally, the warmth of the carpet immediately recalls a homely environment, with great importance given to the colour and consistency of the materials,” explained Gianni.

The inspiration for the design of Italian furniture is evident in the round carpet and in the front seats, which are inspired by the Maralunga armchairs designed by Vico Magistretti for Cassina. The two free-standing single ‘armchairs’ have unique proportions.”


Sustainability by Lancia is sustainability with style, Sustylenability, a word made up of ‘sustainability’ and ‘style’.’


Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is actually the first full expression of this “Sustainability by Lancia”, a 100% electric objective that includes the materials used in the car’s refined interior, in line with the values stated in Lancia’s 10-year strategic plan, with 70% of the touchable surfaces made with eco-sustainable materials.


The future vision of Lancia Pu+Ra HPE provides simple, effortless and intuitive technology that makes life on board easier for its customers, welcoming them in and making them ‘feel at home’.”


*With 116 years of history, Lancia represents timeless Italian Elegance, the Italian brand that made people around the globe dream, thanks to its iconic vehicles: the legendary Flaminia and Aurelia B24 Spider, the high-performance Delta, Stratos and 037, the eclectic Fulvia, the Beta HPE and many others.


Jarlath Sweeney, Fleet Publications Ireland