Mesmerising Maseratis at Autostyle 2023 XX Edition + Design workshop


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The magnetism of Maserati was further enhanced by Pablo German D’Agostino, Chief Design Exterior, at the 20th Autostyle 2023 XX Edition + Design workshop held at Villa Schiarino Lena, Porto Mantovano, Italy. His presentation to the audience attended by invited guests, leading design chiefs, auto design students and media partners (including Fleet Car) covered the conception and production of the new Maserati GranTourismo and its new brethren, the Folgore Full-Electric coupé.

In describing the GranTourismo performance coupé concept, Pablo stated that the car is more than a single word term; “its a modern day homage to the original A6 1500 model icon from 75 years ago, offering a new lifestyle for a new bred of motorists and customers”.

 When comparing the original and the new, he explained about the body design being an evolution from the past model, using similar elongated bonnet lines to greater effect. Lower in stance that previous and more aerodynamic, new GranTourismo’s characteristics still remain unique. Again, the Trident symbol remains centre most on the now trademark oval shaped grille.

Pablo’s passion and flair for the subject matter as he continued: “GranTurismo is Maserati’s true icon and its energy is unstoppable. It all began with the A6 1500, a model with a revolutionary spirit, the forerunner of a class of car that had never been seen before. It would go on to influence the automotive landscape all over the world, and successive generations of Maserati road cars. Granturismo is a way of life 100% Made in Italy: a type of high-performance car, suitable for long distances and comfortable journeys.

The idea came about after WWII, during the Italian economic boom, when we showed the world our outstanding products, our strength, optimism and carefree attitude, the will to work but also to enjoy ourselves. At that historic moment, Maserati solved an equation that appeared to be impossible: a new concept of luxury mobility, capable of bringing together performance and comfort.

Today, the energy of the new Maserati GranTurismo generation is now ready to take the brand ahead into the future, emboldened by its unique style and driven by an innate propensity for innovation.”

Maserati GranTurismo Modena and Trofeo versions are fitted with the company’s 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine.

Added to the GranTourismo family is the Folgore Full-Electric coupé now taking to the streets and landscapes.

The new Folgore is the first model in Maserati history to adopt 100% electric propulsion. Made at the Mirafiori production hub in Turin, Italy, it will offer the characteristic Maserati feel as well as cutting-edge technical solutions, superb performance, comfort and elegance, all typical of the Trident. To enhance its green theme, the hand shaped and crafted interior uses recycled materials, but of no less quality than expected from this luxury brand.

“Maserati is innovative by nature and is looking ahead into the future. Maserati will also become the first Italian luxury car marque to produce 100% electric models: the electric line-up will be completed by 2025 and the entire Maserati range will be Full-Electric by 2030,” said Pablo. He went on to mention the new direction taken for the marque in motorsport: “Formula E was therefore a natural choice for the Trident brand,   to become the first Italian marque to compete in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.”

Built on a Dallara chassis, the Maserati Tipo Folgore boasts high levels of performance with 350kW power, has a top speed of more than 200mph and, with front and rear powertrains, has radical 600 kW regenerative braking capabilities.

REPORT by Jarlath Sweeney