Toyota Ireland customers to Join ‘Hybrid Nation’  


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Toyota’s new initiative aims to promote the zero emissions driving capabilities of the latest generation Corolla, Yaris Cross, Yaris and Toyota C-HR hybrid electrics 

Toyota Ireland has launched Hybrid Nation, a promotion that is aimed to showcase the impressive zero emission driving capabilities of its latest generation of hybrid electric vehicles. Anyone who owns a new generation Corolla, Yaris, Yaris Cross or C-HR can participate by taking a photo of their EV % time dashboard readout at the end of a trip and send it to Toyota Ireland to be in with a chance to win a €200 monthly prize. The promotion runs until the end of2023. 

Now in its second year, Hybrid Nation is a national education initiative focused on the environmental and cost saving benefits of hybrid driving. Compared to diesels, hybrid electric cars emit less CO2 and only negligible NOx, making our roads safer for everyone and reducing emissions for the planet. They also use less petrol, meaning lower fuel costs. Participants in the 2022 promotion showed examples of trips they had taken where 76% of their journey was driven in EV (zero emissions) mode in city driving conditions, as well as many examples of longer (1 hour plus) motorway and country road trips with more than 60% of the journeys in EV mode, all without ever having to plug in to charge the battery. 

How it works: 

The latest generation of Toyota C-HR, Corolla, Yaris and Yaris Cross hybrid electric models all feature an EV Drive Time reading on the dashboard at the end of each journey, making it easy for drivers to track the percentage of time they spend driving with zero emissions.  

For a chance to win a €200 voucher each month drivers should share a photo of their EV % Drive time after any journeylonger than 20 minutes and share it with Toyota by emailing 

Commenting on Hybrid Nation, Lauren Hennessy, Marketing Communications Manager at Toyota Ireland, said:  “We believe that hybrid electric is the ideal way to switch from a petrol or diesel car to a more sustainable way of motoring without compromise, but we know that more awareness is needed in Ireland about the true benefits of hybrid electric driving – that is really what inspired the idea of Hybrid Nation.  

“Some people believe hybrid electric cars need to be plugged in to charge, and many are unaware of just how far one of our new generation hybrid electrics can take them in full electric mode using zero emissions.  Our goal is to share the benefits of EV % drive time and encourage our Toyota hybrid drivers to participate and show people who are thinking about switching from diesel how much fuel and emissions are being saved by other hybrid owners who participate inHybrid Nation.”