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Book Review: The Automotive Art Project; Featuring the N Collection              


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Published by Porter Press International – www.Porter press.co.uk

Limited Edition: ISBN 978-1-913089-26-9 ● RRP: £100

Classic car enthusiasts love researching information on their favourite cars from yesteryear and willing to share any little nugget of detail to their compatriots. Many collect memorabilia and some go on to actually buy that special model, regularly attending vintage shows around the country with great pride.

For both the active and armchair follower a rather special hardback collaborative book has just been published that would whet the appetite of any car lover.

The Automotive Art Project, Featuring the N Collection, published by Porter Press International is indeed unique. The concept was a labour of love by Claude Nahum, a Turkish businessman with a passion for sports and racing cars. He established the N Collection, an amalgam of standout cars for the past, many of which feature in this coffee table book. Twenty-five well-chosen cars from different eras feature within the 208 pages that brought together six respected artists and two highly experienced journalists to produce this truly premium collector’s item. Only 500 editions have been printed, with this copy under review being #190.

Claude has petrol in his blood from an early age. His father Bernar was one of the early instigators of the automotive industry in Turkey. In fact, Bernar commissioned Reliant and Tom Karen to create the Anadol car, which turned out to be Claude’s first motor. That was the beginning of a long and lasting relationship with cars, rallying and sports car racing.

In deciding the book format, Claude gave a free hand to the artists to interpret their impressions of the chosen cars. Ford and Ferrari feature prominently along with Jaguar, which also gets a favourable mention. Some not so well know car brand and models get deserved limelight like the aforementioned Anadol, together with Lynx, Lang and Vaillante, while Lola is in the mix also.

In looking at the full A3 page size illustrations, the cars seem to come alive, surrounded by interesting narrative and quality historical action and static photographs. Such is the fine and exquisite detail of the artwork that it is very difficult to pick out a favourite. But for me, the Ferrari 641/2 from 1990, raced by Alain Prost and the Lola T70 MkIII from 196, pulled my emotive and aspirational heart strings.

Additionally, details in brief:

The Automotive Art Project showcases that work, featuring a fascinating and diverse range of cars, including a 1964 Ferrari 250 LM, the unique 1964 Lang-Cooper II Super King Cobra, an iconic 1965 Ford Mustang 289 Fastback, the Ford GT40 MkII that finished third at Le Mans in 1966, a 1968 example of the very first Turkish production car, the Anadol A1, the 1971 East African Safari Rally-winning Ford Escort RS1600, and a 1990 Ferrari 641/2 Formula 1 car driven by Alain Prost.

The artists: Featuring the work of renowned artists: Guy Allen, Anna-Louise Felstead, Jean-Jacques Francois, Yahn Janou, Tim Layzell and Psyko.

The authors: James Page is a respected classic-car journalist, and former editor of Classic & Sports Car. He has written several books for Porter Press, and is a regular contributor to a variety of classic-car and motoring-club magazines.

Steve Rendle is a lifelong motorsport enthusiast and has spent much of his career as a technical writer, editor and publishing project manager. He has written a number of books on motoring and motorsport subjects.

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