Rétromobile 2024 to exhibit 1933 Berliet VRD 19 limousine at Berliet Foundation stand


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Winner of the « Grand Prix Fondation du patrimoine » – MOTUL 2018, and thanks to the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, and the Fondation du patrimoine, the 1933 Berliet VRD 19 limousine « grand luxury car dedicated for grand touring » has been restored to its original condition. It will be on display at Rétromobile 2024, on the Berliet Foundation stand at the end of January.

Acquired in 1933 by Lyon entrepreneur Jean-Victor Legros, who used it until his death in 1957, it was donated to the Berliet Foundation after 60 years storage in a garage by Sylvie Legros, granddaughter of its sole owner.

Accepted by the Mines (Certification Authority) on November 28, 1932, the VRD 19 chassis belongs to the VRD 15 and 19 family built from 1933 onwards. Of a total of 999 examples produced in 7-seat limousine, 5-seat sedan and 4-seat coach, only nine were produced in the grand luxury version.

A low-profile chassis, an engine with rapid acceleration, a gearbox with a quiet 3rd and 4th and a servo braking system in all four wheels characterise this model.

The particularly smooth and sure steering is facilitated by an elegant switch below the steering wheel which combines the lighting and horn controls.

Note that Marius Berliet, whose first car dates back to 1895, built cars and trucks between 1907 and 1939. After that date only industrial vehicles left the Lyon assembly lines.

Technical characteristics : 4-cylinder 90 x 130 engine / displacement : 3,3 liters / gearbox 4 FWD + 1 REV / transmission to rear wheels by cardan shift / steering by worm gear and tangent wheel.