Up to a third of company car drivers fail to report minor damage


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An increasing number of employees are overlooking their company car obligations by not reporting minor damage to their vehicles according to a survey by Venson Automotive Solutions.

The findings indicate that a third of company car drivers would not report to their employer if minor damage occurred on their car. That’s nearly twice the rate reported when the same question was asked (17.5%) back in 2015.

Furthermore a significant number of employees neglect the day to day maintenance of their vehicles with 57% seeing car servicing as their employer’s responsibility, 43% failing to top up water coolants, while nearly a quarter (24%) even ignore dashboard warning lights.

Failure to keep on top of simple maintenance checks or rectify accident damage could result in a significant repair bill at the end of a lease, not to mention an employee driving a vehicle which is potentially not fit-for-purpose and poses a risk to their safety.

Simon Staton, Client Management Director of Venson Automotive Solutions says that not only is this putting employees at risk of the car breaking down, or causing a serious incident, it also creates potentially high repair costs for their employer.

“Implementing a few simple changes could significantly reduce wear and tear costs to the business. For example, regular maintenance checks by employees or the business can help identify issues early and avoid things getting worse and causing further damage. In relation to end of contract damages, it is important for fleet operators to ensure they fully understand the contract they have with their fleet provider, so that they can avoid unnecessary costs at the end of the vehicle’s contract term.”