3-in-a-Row: Toyota is Ireland’s No.1 Best-Selling Car Brand


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Hybrid Electrification Strategy Continues to Perform for People and Planet

 Hybrid models (including Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid) accounted for 26.82% of the market in 2023, overtaking diesel for the first time.

·       Toyota continues as Ireland’s most loved car brand, closing out 2023 with a market-leading share of 13.57%

·       Toyota sold 16,532 cars, with 4 models featuring in the top 10 best-sellers

·       Electrified vehicles, including hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid and battery electric, lead with 45.52% combined market share 

Toyota has closed out 2023 as Ireland’s best-selling car brad, making it three years in a row for the Irish owned business. Toyota sold 16,532 cars in 2023, 3,164 more than the next best-seller, with a market leading share of 13.57%.

Electrified driving continues to prove hugely popular among Irish drivers, with hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid securing a combined market share of 26.82% – 4.66% higher than diesel which once again dropped, to 22.16% of total sales, a reduction of 4.58% compared to 2022. 

In 2018, Toyota became the first brand to cease diesel production for mass market passenger cars and in 2023 its electrified models represented 92.8% of its entire annual sales. Toyota Ireland offers the widest range of hybrid electric cars on the market, reflecting the growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly, low-emission vehicles, which are playing an important role in moving drivers away from diesel to electrified driving. Hybrid electric has proven to be the sweet spot for those looking to make a positive change and embrace electrified driving without compromise. 

Looking at the entire electrified market, including battery electric vehicles, 2023 represented a landmark year for more sustainable motoring taking a combined market share of 45.52%, cementing electrification as the new normal.

In December, Toyota detailed its multi-pathway strategy to democratise the world’s journey to carbon neutrality, by investing in the development of new low and zero emissions vehicles to meet the needs of consumers. Toyota is also doubling down on its investment in next-generation battery technology development, focusing on introducing solid state batteries to the market in 2027-2028.

Steve Tormey, Chief Executive Officer Toyota Ireland, said; “2023 proved to be another strong year for Toyota Ireland, and our third successive as Ireland’s best-seller. As a brand that has championed sustainable and electrified motoring for years, seeing hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles overtake diesel for the first time feels like vindication for making the tough, but right, decision to pull out of diesel back in 2018 when it was by far the most popular seller.

It is clear by the growing demand for electrified vehicles, and our hybrid electric models in particular, that our ‘Built for a Better World’ brand promise is registering more than ever in the conscience of the mass market. With the widest range of electrified vehicles on the market, Toyota can offer customers a low-emission option that suits a range of lifestyles and budgets.”