Appointment system would improve NDLS back-log


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Long queues at local offices could be reduced with minimal effort

Fine Gael Mayo Deputy and Chair of the Oireachtas Transport Committee, John O’Mahony, has today (Friday) called on Road Safety Authority (RSA) to introduce an appointment system for new National Driving Licence Service (NDLS) which has been beset, in some parts of the country, with exceptionally long queues at certain times of the day.

“The introduction of the new NDLS updates our driving licence system will improve safety on our roads and enhances the level of security when it comes to issuing new licences. However, an unfortunate feature of the new system appears to be the long queues that are being recorded at offices across the country, as large volumes of people attempt to secure new licences.

“I am calling on the RSA to introduce an appointment system to help deal with this issue and to make the service more effective. The new system is there to ensure that people have the correct information and that fraud will be stamped out and it would be unfortunate if the enhanced system was viewed in a negative light by the men and women who have to drive long distances to their nearest office only to have to wait for hours to complete the process.

“I understand that in the first weeks of the introduction of any new system, problems will present themselves. However, an appointment system, like the one that is in operation at the Passport Office, will ensure that people are not left waiting for hours and in some cases taking days off work just to renew their driving licence.

“Having an appointment would ensure that people applying for their licence would be seen quickly and more conveniently. It would also serve to reduce the pressure on staff who presently are dealing with massive influxes of people at some points of the day and big lulls during others.”