HiPhi – China’s Best-Selling Premium EV Brand is coming to Europe


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As mentioned in the ECG Conference report in Fleet Transport, there will be a number of new Chinese auto brands entering European markets.

China’s Best-Selling Premium EV Brand, HiPhi, has officially launched its latest model – the mid-size SUV HiPhi Y – at a global event in Shanghai. The Y joins HiPhi’s dual flagship models, the X ‘Super SUV’ and Z ‘Digital GT’, inspired by their bold styling and visionary technologies.

Attended by media, VIPs and current HiPhi users, the event was opened by HiPhi Founder, David Ding, who gave a personal introduction to the Y. Intended as a luxury mainstream model, the Y follows the same LuxTech philosophy as the X and Z. It brings a number of first-in-class features, including the revolutionary second-generation no-touch automatic wing-opening doors, the robotic arm-mounted infotainment screen and the active all-wheel-steering.

All this high-tech equipment and more is standard across the HiPhi Y range, which consists of Flagship, Long Range, Elite and Pioneer versions. The Long Range model comes equipped with a 115kWh battery and can travel up to 810km (CLTC) on a single charge, pushing the limits of long-distance EV ability. The standard battery is 76.6kWh, giving up to 560km (CLTC) of range.

Four-wheel, dual motor versions have peak power of up to 371kW, allowing for acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. Rear-wheel-drive single motor versions have peak power of 247kW. At the same time, HiPhi Y is equipped with advanced front double wishbone suspension and rear five-link suspension. A chassis integrated control system uniformly deploys various actuators to achieve the best body control at all times, while the active all-wheel-steering provides stability at high speeds and additional agility at low speeds.

HiPhi Y is the ultimate hi-tech mid-size SUV, featuring an interior equipped with three advanced screens, including a 17-inch OLED centre display, 15-inch HD front passenger touch screen and 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen. All models also receive a 22.9-inch HD color heads-up display and a 9.2-inch streaming media rearview mirror. Behind the front passenger touch screen is a HiPhi Box high-performance computer equipped with a Qualcomm 8250 chip, able to support media casting and Bluetooth connectivity for a keyboard and mouse.

HiPhi Y is also equipped with a Meridian™ Audio System, featuring up to 25 speakers throughout the car, including two speakers only for the driver. The maximum power output of the amplifier platform is 2,820W and the system has 7.1.4 surround sound.

The HiPhi Y is available to order now, with examples already delivered to HiPhi Hub showrooms all over China. Customers in Europe will also be able to order a HiPhi Y before the end of 2023, with first deliveries in 2024.