XIX Autostyle Design Editions Lamborghini Design DNA – ‘Feel like a Pilot’!


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Another look at the happenings inside the Automobili Lamborghini Centro Stile in Bologna was presented by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at the XIX Autostyle Design Editions, held at Villa Schiarino Lena, Mantua on 27 October.

The Autostyle Design Editions, promoted by Berman S.p.A. presents the latest innovations and futuristic projects from leading designers in an exclusive and professional environment. The day’s agenda included inspirational exchanges of ideas on design and newly created projects.

Mitja, a passionate supporter of the event, spoke about the Design DNA of the Lamborghini House of Sant’Agata Bolognese, presenting details on latest models such as the Countach LPI 800-4, Huracán Tecnica and the latest Urus Performante. He emphasised the philosophy of the famous Italian performance car brand by quoting – “ Design is a function – Driving human beyond – Being the leader of the unexpected”.

In explaining about ‘Design DNA’ – it all boils down to ‘Feel like a Pilot’! – with every aspect of the car’s interior paying testimony to this from the rich touch and feel of its furniture and fittings, to the button controls and intricate details together with digital layout and displays.

“Our broad range aims to satisfy a wide range of customer’s needs – maximising the offer in line with the Lamborghini brand DNA,” he said and proceeded to outline the ‘Lambo’ family from road to track models, ranging from ‘One-off’ and ‘Few-off’ like the Countach LPI 800-4 plus information on other model lines and their Derivitives, such as the Aventador, Huracán and Urus, to Track versions of the Huracán and Essenza. With the Huracán Tecnica, for example, he described it as a ‘sophisticated design update, from lifestyle to track day with aerodynamic performance and tailored customisation’.

He said proudly that the URUS sports utility is one of the brand’s success stories, describing it ‘as The Driver’s SUV’ with best proportions, adjustable stance, and using light weight components such as carbon fibre body parts and a titanium exhaust.

Following the event, Mitja highlight the importance of the annual Autostyle Design Editions in the automotive industry: “Berman Autostyle for my team and I is not only a precious opportunity to illustrate the strength and uniqueness of the brand identity through every peculiarity of its design, but also an opportunity to encounter the greatest exponents of car design at an international level.”

Reflecting on the event’s online presence during the last two years, in order to continue engagement with the international audience: “Thanks to the digital platform, it was joined by viewers from every part of the world for the last two editions”.

This year episodes from the designers’ presentations are featured on the YouTube channel of Berman Autostyle (link), compared by Alessio Tommasetti.

About Autostyle Design Competition – Berman S.p.A.

The event came about in 2004 thanks to the passion and initiative of Professor Roberto Artioli, President of Berman S.p.A., an Italian company that produces OEM parts for some of the world’s largest car manufacturers and also commercial vehicle brands. The past editions were held in villas in the area around the Italian city of Mantua, where the various design centres of the major companies in the sector presented new vehicles or prototypes to an audience made up of professional designers, students or simply car design enthusiasts. At the end of the event, a panel comprising Heads of Design and Automotive Journalists present awards to twelve students participating in the Autostyle Design Competition. Thanks to this opportunity, some of the previous winners have secured significant positions with car manufacturers. Jarlath Sweeney