10,000 customers have booked their 4th generation Citroën C3 model


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The C3 has dethroned the 2 CV, becoming the best-selling model in Citroën’s history with more than 5.6 million units produced. This success story continues, as in just one month, 10,000 customers have booked their 4th generation C3 model in the 10 countries in which it is being sold.

On 17 October, Citroën surprised by unveiling of the new ë-C3. It is the first electric car of the B-segment produced in Europe to offer a concrete solution to the accessibility issue without compromising. It has already captivated over 10,000 customers. A success story that crowns a model that is already the best-selling in Citroën’s history, with more than 5.6 million units sold.

With each new generation, the C3 stood out from the crowd. From the “bubble” silhouette of the first generation, to the Zenith windscreen of the second, and then the crossover character of the latest. A character that has established it as the best-selling Citroën of all time, dethroning the iconic 2 CV. Launched in 2002, the C3 has sold more than 5.6 million units, while 5.1 million 2 CVs were produced in its 41-year career, this year being its 75th birthday.

The 4th generation of C3 promises to build on this fantastic story. Citroën started with a blank sheet of paper to upend market practices. Its philosophy matches that of its illustrious ancestor, the 2 CV. But rather than making a copy of it, it is a modern expression of it, perfectly in tune with its time.

The New ë-C3 is a game-changer: it is the only affordable electric vehicle in Europe, on sale at between €23,300 and €27,800. Furthermore, it is easy to use and versatile, and boasts an attractive style, suitable equipment and a comfortable on-board experience. An ideal combination that even before the commercial launch has already attracted more than 10,000 customers in one month in the 10 markets that launched a pre-order campaign the day after the model was revealed.