50 Physios, 500 Miles, One Day in aid of COVID19 patients


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A team of 50 Mayo physiotherapy colleagues working on the frontline for the people of Mayo are going further in their fight against Covid-19 next week.

On Saturday 2nd of May 2020, physiotherapists from all across the county will take on individual physical challenges in their own gardens, on stationary bikes, treadmills or within 2km radius. They will cover a distance of 500 miles. This includes 1HALF IRONMAN, 4 MARATHONS, 12 HALF MARATHONS, A SPRINT TRIATHLON, 140KM RUN/WALK, 60KM BIKE/TURBO. And they want you to join in!

Physiotherapists have an essential role in the treatment and ongoing management of patients recovering from COVID19. Prolonged periods of ventilation and/or acute illness can leave patients very debilitated and physiotherapists will provide rehabilitation to treat and optimise respiratory conditions, increase physical activity and get patients back to optimum function and participation. The current extraordinary situation has meant that they have to look at new ways of providing this rehabilitation. Patients may be in single rooms, isolated and have no access to any visitors and have limited social interaction.

Their fundraising will be used for patient comfort and care measures. They will invest in assistive technology to allow them to connect safely and effectively with patients in isolation to facilitate optimum rehabilitation and enhance physical activity. This technology will also allow patients to communicate with family and friends during periods of isolation to provide motivation, support, and encouragement. Patients with prolonged periods of immobilisation secondary to COVID19 will need intensive early rehabilitation. They propose to invest in further rehabilitation equipment to address this situation.
Furthermore to comply with infection control policy we propose to provide personalised rehabilitation equipment for patients in isolation.

The physios work in many different areas of the health service such as ICU, medical and surgical wards, community hospitals, primary care centres, rehab facilities and private practices across Mayo. They have seen first-hand the amazing teamwork happening in our hospitals and community to flatten the curve and bring comfort and care to the patients of Mayo. To help this great work continue, they have set up a GoFundMe page to help fund the on-going efforts at Mayo University Hospital.

May 2nd is Mayo Day and one of the goals of this event is to “get Mayo moving”. The physios invite all Mayo people from all over the world too, no matter where they are, to join in (within your 2km!) and get moving! Tog out in your Mayo colours and send them your photos and videos of you doing your exercise to support and encourage this incredible group of people. Use the hashtag #getmayomoving. The event will be broadcast live throughout the day so keep an eye on social media for more details of that.

You can find the GoFundMe page here: https://cutt.ly/getmayomoving2020
Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Physio-113215460358235/
Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/653995118479246/