“Chatting with Fiat”, Q&A with Head of Fiat dedicated to the New Fiat 500


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Using a new video format shot on a smartphone at home, Luca Napolitano – Head of EMEA Fiat & Abarth Brands – is personally answering questions from potential customers’ about the New 500.
The video will be published twice a month, with Napolitano answering new questions each time. The questions are gathered through the chat used by Fiat – a media first in the automotive industry – to remain in contact with potential customers of the New 500.
The video will be distributed through Fiat official social channels. This technology –for the first time in the automotive industry – is proprietary of LivePerson, handling chats on Fiat’s behalf.

Fiat has devised a new, “more personal” communications strategy, aimed at maintaining contact between the organization and its users, in a simple, effective, and instantaneous way. One of the tools used in this strategy is “Chatting with Fiat,” a series of videos that will see Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat & Abarth Brands, directly answer inquiries from potential customers interested in the New 500. The questions are taken from the chat dedicated to the New 500, sent by customers old and new who are interested in receiving more detailed information about Fiat’s new “full-electric” model.

The “Chatting with Fiat” videos, to be shared with users of the chat and posted on Fiat’s YouTube channel, following this link, will be shot “at home” on a smartphone, in accordance with the safety regulations currently in force. The recordings will be published twice a month, as Fiat’s way to respond to subjects of common interest and distribute messages and updates related to the New 500.

Three questions have been selected for the first installment of “Chatting with Fiat,” the answers to which were considered relevant to a broad spectrum of users. The topics dealt with are the car’s range, the pricing of the line-up, and the delivery date to the end customer. The questions have been chosen from those put by users from three countries: Germany, France, and Italy.

The chat dedicated to the New 500 is a first in the automotive industry. It is a specific channel for potential customers of the New 500 – pre-bookers, i.e. those who have expressed an interest in the “La Prima,” the numbered version of the New Fiat 500, featuring a special numbered badge on the first 500 units and a “La Prima” badge for later models. The channel is also aimed at those who are interested in the car in a broader sense.

The system is based on proprietary technology from LivePerson, bringing together various messaging platforms, to enable customers to start and continue value-added one-to-one conversations with their end users. The project objectives cover the entire customer journey: from the information search in the pre-sales process, to purchase support, and of course customer care.