Geotab Partners with BMW Group for Turnkey Connected Mobility


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Fleet operators benefit from intelligent near real-time data and integrated telematics solutions within one ecosystem

Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, has announced its partnership with car manufacturer BMW Group, adding another partner to its growing OEM network.  The combination of BMW Group’s high-quality data and the power of the Geotab platform provides fleet operators with a turnkey connectivity solution. Fleets, leasing and rental companies, car sharing and ride-hailing organisations alike all benefit from intelligent data to make near real-time decisions on fleet performance. This includes productivity, compliance, and driver safety.

In addition, valuable analytics can feed into sustainability efforts as well as the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) report, which will be mandatory for certain companies in the EU from 2024 onwards. For example, fleet operators can use the Geotab platform to help optimise routes, increase fuel efficiency and identify electrification potential and reduce idling times based on their vehicle data. The platform processes the collected data sets into useful information, providing fleet managers with all the insights they need to better understand the performance of their fleet.

Integrated telematics functions of BMW Group vehicles* can now be combined with the MyGeotab platform’s advanced tools. Users benefit from first-hand, high-quality OEM data – aggregated in the powerful, manufacturer-neutral platform, through which they can manage their entire fleet. The partnership provides fleet operators with a single point of access to make informed decisions and provide connectivity solutions for fleets of all sizes. Activation is contactless via remote access and requires no workshop visit, saving time and costs.

“Cooperating with a major globally renowned and leading brand like BMW Group marks an important milestone in our strategy to become a trusted partner for OEMs. Working with specialised telematics companies offers many advantages for vehicle manufacturers and customers. OEMs do not have to build their own infrastructures for data analysis and visualization but can rather feed their data into the telematics platform via the cloud using modern APIs. Customers still receive all OEM-specific data pointsã…¡ optimally processed and integrated with other fleet data to provide a rounded, 360-degree view of their fleet operations,” says Christoph Ludewig, Vice President OEM Europe, at Geotab.

The MyGeotab platform can now integrate proprietary OEM data from a range of manufacturers, including BMW, Renault, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel / Vauxhall, DS, and Mercedes-Benz, among others, as well as data from Geotab’s own retrofitted telematic device.

The software integrates fully electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) as well as conventional internal combustion engines (ICE) and takes the relevant data points for each powertrain into account. Depending on their needs, users can choose between different plans for data access. Geotab customers can choose from various pre-configured rate plans.

This allows for a consistent picture of the entire fleet, across all brands, model years, and drive types. This way, the data from different sources is not only integrated and synchronised, but also brought together and presented to the fleet managers in a uniform, overarching manner.

The Geotab and BMW OEM agreement is available from September 2023 across 30 European countries*.