Interesting projects on-going at PEUGEOT Design Lab


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Arnault Gournac, the Head of PEUGEOT Design Lab, during an Instagram Live session discussed the non-automotive design projects that the PEUGEOT Design Lab have worked on, such as the new urban electrically-assisted bike, the PEUGEOT eLC0.

As explained by Arnault, the PEUGEOT Design Lab was launched in June 2012 and over the last eight years, the Design team has worked on some extraordinary projects, both for the PEUGEOT brand and other external clients.  Examples of this work include the PEUGEOT Food truck, the Pleyel Piano, the PEUGEOT Beneteau Sea Drive concept and the iconic Onyx sofa as well as kitchen implements and DIY tools. Collaboration projects are on-going with blue chip companies and manufacturers, together with some interesting development programmes with Start-up firms.

Up to this time last year, Loughrea native, Cathal Loughnane, was the Head of Peugeot’s Design Lab but has since moved on to Aston Martin.

Arnault mentioned that the urban electrically-assisted bike, the PEUGEOT eLC01 (e=electric, L=LEGEND, C= City, 01= top-of-the-range) is now available with 26 inch wheels, in addition to the current 24 inch model. Suitable for all riders, it provides more comfort. This versatility, combined with its modernity and ‘neo-retro’ design asserts the eLC01 as the best-seller of the PEUGEOT Cycles e-bike range. The PEUGEOT eLC01 with 26 inch wheels is now available on the website

The PEUGEOT eLC01, now equipped with 26 inch wheels (frame size: M and S) in addition to the 24 inch version (frame size: XS) improves its versatility. The 26 inch model improves the comfort for the taller riders. Its larger tyres are adapted to the majority of roads and paths. Modern and hi-tech, the PEUGEOT eLC01 is easy to ride. Efficient with an eight-speed transmission and a 400 kW motor, it has a range of up to 43 miles and its brake discs keep it safe and secure. Compact, easy to handle and agile around the city, it is comfortable with its cushioned saddle and practical, with its “Racktime” luggage rack for fast bag attachment.

“Its timeless and distinctive design draws on more than 130 years of PEUGEOT Cycles history. The architecture of its ‘single-stay’ frame, which incorporates the rear chain and seat stays into a luggage rack, is directly inspired by the legendary PEUGEOT’s from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Its signature “triple lion” chainset replicates one of the PEUGEOT’s most iconic components,” he explained.

It is available in White, Blue, Orange, Green and Aubergine. Its chequer pattern symbolises the epic history of PEUGEOT Cycles.

The PEUGEOT eLC01, launched in October 2018, enhances the PEUGEOT e-Bikes offering and completes the range of PEUGEOT LEGEND bikes, featured with a ‘neo-retro’ design and dedicated to city users (Mixt or Fixie versions), road users, or juniors.

“PEUGEOT Cycles has innovation in its genes.  Founded in 1885, the brand offers a full range of electric and non-electric bikes to address new mobility requirements. PEUGEOT Cycles has a bicycle for every need and every discipline with the different model types: Electric, Legend, City, Trekking, Mountain, Road and Junior. PEUGEOT bicycles are designed and assembled in France by the Group CYCLEUROPE,” he concluded.