Maxol launches first ultra rapid EV hubs


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Service Station provider Maxol has announced its first Ultra Rapid EV hubs for the Republic of Ireland, which will open at two of its destination stores, Maxol Newbridge in Kildare and Maxol Ballycoolin in Dublin at a cost of €2.5m. Each will feature six high speed 200kW chargers offering a 15-minute charge time. The Maxol Group CEO, Brian Donaldson confirmed that the business is currently considering a further 20 sites across Ireland, for which it aims to submit planning applications for similar EV charging hubs during 2024.

While this signals a significant commitment from Maxol and is positive news for Ireland’s electric vehicle drivers, it has not been without its challenges according to Brian Donaldson who said:  “While our strategy is to offer EV charging in areas where we see greatest demand, the speed at which we can roll out our EV transition programme is hugely frustrating. Access to power capacity and the time it takes to connect to the grid are ongoing challenges with no immediate improvements in sight. The process is not aided by the high costs for substation and connection fees to establish these much-needed hubs both in ROI and NI.

“However, EV charging and new and alternative fuels are all part of the future and we have invested €225m in the last ten years to future proof the business in preparation for the transition to EV mobility, ensuring our sites remain relevant to our growing customer base and are fit for purpose. Customers will seek out service stations where they can have a meal or a coffee, catch up on emails or take 15 minutes in comfortable surroundings while they charge their vehicle,” said Brian Donaldson.  “Maxol in its 104 years has always been innovative in its approach and is committed to supporting the move to EV with full facility service stations that meet all our customers’ needs,” he said.

A more sustainable approach

In developing its Ultra Rapid EV hubs Maxol takes a 360 degree approach to developing a more sustainable site.  The business uses technology to create a measurably different service station, reducing the site’s existing carbon footprint by up to 40%. This includes the introduction of photovoltaic (solar) panels, low energy CO2 refrigeration systems; exhaust air-heat pump technology to reduce heating loads and an energy management system to monitor and control the overall energy usage on the site.

This is a landmark move for Maxol in ROI and the next phase in its EV mobility roll out. Supporting the wide-spread move to EV, the company’s Ultra Rapid EV hub in Newbridge will open in March followed by Ballycoolin in May.  Maxol’s commitment to introducing a range of greener options for customers across the business, such as lower emission fuels including HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) is central to The Maxol Group’s ESG strategy.

Maxol launched Northern Ireland’s first dedicated Ultra Rapid EV hub in Kinnegar, Co Down in December 2022 and Maxol Braid River, Ballymena at the end of last year.

Operating as an Irish family business for 104 years, more than 80 people are employed directly and more than 1,000 indirectly by The Maxol Group across the island of Ireland.