Continental Automotive provides hiyacar the technology to power car rental into the future


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Continental Automotive’s technology means hiyacar drivers can easily rent an unused car using secure virtual key technology.

Continental Automotive are delighted to be working with hiyacar – the forward-thinking car sharing company – providing ‘QuickStart’ technology, allowing drivers to unlock a car without the physical keys.

hiyacar has been the leader in car sharing since 2013. The service enables trusted local car owners to rent out their vehicles to other drivers. So, if someone has a spare car sitting on the drive – or if they wish to invest in a new vehicle – sharing a vehicle through hiyacar is a quick, easy way to make some extra money.

In order to help the process be as hassle-free as possible for hiyacar’s users, the QuickStart keyless technology means owners can still hire out their car even if they aren’t at home to physically hand over the keys. The automation simply requires a box to be fitted under the dashboard of the owner’s vehicle allowing the virtual keys in the hiyacar app to unlock it.

It means hiyacar customers have secure, confident access to the vehicle they have hired. It also means the owner has a reliable record of who has been driving it via the track and trace contact information. This reduces the cost of lost keys and allows for drop off and remote pick up of a vehicle as well as accurate record of hire period and usage.

‘It is great to see an innovative company like hiyacar incorporate a Continental product into the core of their offer. I’m delighted that we have been able to work together to create a convenient solution that suits their customer base, with both car owners and car renters alike.’ Ben Klarich, Head of Business Development, Continental Automotive commented.