SAIC MAXUS has launched a full-size EV MPV


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MIFA 9 EV MPV that will be available in the UK and Ireland from Q3 2022.

Some details below including a video from the launch at Guangzhou Auto Show.  

SAIC MAXUS launches the world’s first, full-size luxury pure electric MPV at Guangzhou Auto Show – MIFA 9

MAXUS has changed gears and at the recent Guangzhou Auto Show launched the world’s first, full-size pure electric MPV, which will be available in Europe, the UK and Norway from Q3 2022.

Visually impactful, the MAXUS MIFA 9 boasts a range of up to 323miles / 520km on a single charge with the MIFA acronym reflecting the vehicle‘s key attributes: Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic.

This is the first car built on the MIFA platform which manufacturer, SAIC, has confirmed could also be used for SUVs and pick-ups.

MIFA 9 At a glance:

Watch the YouTube video from the show HERE

  • Battery pack: 90kW ternary lithium from CATL with a range of 323 miles / 520km (NEDC)
  • Consumption: 17.9kWh / 100km (62 miles)
  • 180kW motor with a maximium torque of 350Nm
  • Choice of 7 and 8-seater models featuring luxury seating with motorised backrest, leg support and front and rear movement complemented by functions including ventilation, heating and massage
  • Three different trim levels
  • Body size 5,270 x 2,000 x 1,840mm
  • Wheelbase 3,200mm
  • Equipped with MAXUS pilot intelligent driving assistance system with functions such as narrow road traffic, helping drivers avoid obstacles on both sides perfectly, and free parking, which can scan and monitor at 150m2environment around the vehicle
  • MIFA 9 is the industry’s first intelligent driving housekeeper, which automatically recognises driving style through data and scene driving
  • MAXUS‘ MIFA concept features a large, high-set bonnet doesn’t slope like traditional MPVs and the narrow headlamps and prominent bumper creates a powerful impression
  • Chunky aero wheels and the low ground clearance enhance the style on the sides and at the rear, the full-width taillights flow all the way to the vehicle’s shoulders

This is a game-changing vehicle for the MPV market, with more details to come.

Pricing not yet available for UK and Ireland.