Owen Murphy/James O’ Brien for Red Kite Rally in Sunbeam Lotus


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Owen Murphy with his regular co driver James O Brien are making the trip to Wales for the Red Kite Rally this  historic event is the opening round of the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship. Owen will tackle the event in the Sunbeam Lotus owned by John Leahy.
John who originally hails from Ireland liked Owens style of driving and liked the way the team that Owen had built around him over the years performed in the service area, John said we proved we had a good team on the RAC rally it was a mixture of my crew and Owens crew that worked tirelessly to ensure the car was always at its best  Owen drove superbly and James O Brien is a hugely experienced co driver and one of the best in Ireland I knew these lads could get the best out of the Sunbeam. John said the engine and box have been rebuilt since the RAC Rally and with a little luck I am sure Owen and James will be challenging for a place in the top 3.
The car is entered by Zutec Technologies and sponsored by Zutec Technologies , Hunt and Sykes  Health and Safety, Tracta Motors Cavan and Hankook Tyres.
In case of snow or ice Owen hopes to have Hankooks New Winter Tyres ready.
Owen said we are delighted to be doing something different this year and well Historic Rallying is a Sunbeam what could be better, Thanks to John Leahy for giving us the car it’s a great car really handles well and is a joy to drive, However we may lack a little power against the big bang Escorts on the proflex suspension but we will be trying hard for a podium position. Owen said its great James is in for another year and we have a good team in place let’s hope we can get a few good results this year. We will probably still appear in a few events at home later in the year.

Keep up to date with Owen and James on the Red Kite Rally. By checking his web site  www.owenmurphyrallying.net.