1,000 extra jobs in Motor Industry as dealers get ready for busy January sales


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The final new vehicle statistics for 2013 issued by SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) show that the sale of new cars was down 104 units (-33%) in December compared to 2012 (down from 316 to 212).

For the full year 2013, new car sales were down 7% (5,271) on 2012 (74,303 V 79,574). New Light Commercial sales (vans) were up 3% on 2012 (11,076 V 10,804) and Heavy Commercial Vehicle sales (trucks) were up 27% (1,717 V 1,354) on 2012.

Alan Nolan, SIMI’s Director General says:”While the new car market is down on last year, it did stage a strong recovery in the 132 registration period (July-Dec) after a very poor first six months. The Commercial Vehicle sales figures are also an indication of recovery in the sector and the latest jobs figures from the CSO show 1,000 more people working in the Motor Industry now compared to the middle of 2013.*

As we look forward to this year, many in the Industry are very positive for the new car market. Dealers around the country have been reporting an increase in showroom traffic and stronger sales activity for the new 141 registration period in January compared to last year.

*Q3 v Q1 2013, CSO QNHS