Bolt expands taxi hailing services to Cork


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Bolt, the European mobility app that enables customers to order taxis, is to expand its Irish service with the launch of its ride-hailing services in Cork City and surrounding areas from Tuesday March 29th. Bolt has been operating in Dublin since December 2020.

James Bowpitt, Operations Manager for Ireland said that the new service will help to address a shortage of taxi services in the Cork region, adding that the company has already recruited a significant number of drivers to its platform for Cork. “Simply put, Cork needs more taxis. The total registered SPSV Taxi fleet in Cork is just 1,216, as of 28 February 2022, down 30 vehicles from 2020. So although the customer demand has come back, there has actually been a reduction of registered SPSV taxi vehicles.”

“After a hugely successful year in the Dublin market, we’re excited to launch our ride-hailing service in Cork. The appetite for socialising is back across the country but we are aware of the concerns some might have around the availability of taxis, especially at night. Bolt has been trialling incentives and commission-free trips for drivers during busy periods to get more taxis on the road.” he added. 

To mark its launch in Cork, Bolt will be offering passengers 50% off their first 10 trips. Customers can order taxis via the Bolt app available on iOS and Android, with options including Bolt Shield, where the car has a protective shield, and Bolt Green, for a hybrid or electric taxi.

Providing services to more than 100 million customers in over 45 countries across Europe and Africa, Bolt intends to launch many shared mobility services in Irish cities next year, offering the public the ability to choose between a taxi, car, scooter or even an e-bike within the same app.