BYD Launches the HAN EV and Accelerates the Process of Transportation Electrification in Costa Rica


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The Warren Buffet-backed automaker BYD officially launched its first flagship NEV sedan HAN EV in Parque Viva,Costa Rica.

Gustavo Ortega, a professional racer with the 15-year racing experience, shared his experience of driving the HAN EV on the La Guacima track: “It is very impressive that the HAN EV achieves an acceleration of 0-100km/h in just 3.9 seconds, which is nearly on a par with a supercar.” In addition, Ale Montero, the BYD brand ambassador and tech blogger, also analyzed the superiority of the blade battery and the outstanding safety performance of the HAN EV.

As a leading country in promoting and producing renewable energy in Latin America, Costa Rica is committed to electrifying the public transportation system. Being a pioneer of new energy vehicles, BYD aims to apply technological innovations for a better life. This month, BYD delivered 29 YUAN Pro EVs to Walmart (Walmart de México y Centroamérica), helping Walmart to electrify its fleet, which is also the largest pure EV fleet in Costa Rica. Since 2020, BYD has ranked first in sales among the Costa Rican new energy vehicle brands and had a 30% market share in the local EV market. BYD will continue to promote clean technology and sustainability in Costa Rica, provide renewable energy solutions, and create a greener future for the residents.