Euro NCAP Mobilizes New Partners to Promote Safer and Cleaner Vehicles in Europe


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Four organisations from across Europe – including Germany’s largest vehicle inspection company DEKRA, the German Insurance Association, GDV, and the Automobile clubs of Austria, ÖAMTC, and Switzerland, TCS – have officially joined the European New Car Assessment Programme as affiliate members. 

DEKRA joins the programme to support new initiatives on commercial vehicle safety. For many decades, the DEKRA Accident Research team has been involved in analyzing real-life crashes, including those involving commercial vehicles. DEKRA’s own independent Technology Test Center will be an important building block for translating these findings of accident research into measures to increase road safety.

GDV, notably the German Insurers Accident Research Unit (UDV), aims to improve road safety in Germany and helps to prevent accidents or at least mitigate the effects of crashes. By providing up to date accident data and the outcome of safety research, UDV supports Euro NCAP’s protocol development and long-term strategy, especially regarding the human factors and driving functions for assisted and automated vehicles.

Automobile clubs ÖAMTC and TCS have joined the new “Green NCAP” initiative as supporter and emission test facilities, in cooperation with their test partners IFA and EMPA, respectively. Both organizations have longstanding experience and excellent test expertise with regards to technical compliance emissions and pollutants testing and have been involved in crafting the unique Green NCAP test and assessment protocols from the beginning. The affiliate membership formalizes their respective roles, enabling them to effectively drive vehicle improvements and create value for their members.