Europcar World Cup Planner Does It Again


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Europcar brings you the FIFA 2014 World Cup fixtures planner allowing you an easy way to follow the tournament in Brazil. Through the planner, you can check the fixtures and results, starting line-ups and much more. Time and date are set to your local time zone, See more at:

Ronan Menton, Manager of Internet Strategy at Europcar said that “We are all about adding value and making the customers life easier, this is just another example of this through our online work.  Now a user can log on, see what the starting teams are, see what time a match is at or check out the locations where the matches are being played”.

“We would encourage people to use the app and share it on their own websites and social media, we can provide a code that allows them to embed it on their site if they want”

“We have spent a lot of time and money on the world cup planner, now we want people to enjoy it”

The Europcar World Cup Planner is hoping to emulate the success of previous tournament planners following the success of the Rugby World Cup planner in 2011. The Rugby World Cup planner amassed some 400,000 views reaching 150,000 people with over 200 hundred days spent on the calendar.