Get plugged into Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV


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The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), just launched is the first plug-in hybrid vehicle available for Irish motorists representing a breakthrough motoring solution that provides clean, highly efficient performance in a robust and spacious Sports Utility body with advanced safety protection including 4WD control. Priced from €41,950*, a high level of equipment and safety features will come as standard on the Outlander PHEV but at the heart of everything is the PHEV OS (Operating System) that incorporates three different drive modes:

1. EV Drive Mode; EV Drive Mode is an all-electric mode in which the front and rear motors drive the vehicle using only electricity from the drive battery.

2. Series Hybrid Mode; In Series Hybrid Mode, the car is still powered by the front & rear motors, the petrol engine operates as a generator supplying electricity to the electric motors.

3. Parallel Hybrid Mode; The system switches to Parallel Hybrid Mode when the vehicle reaches consistently high speeds. In this mode the high-efficiency petrol engine provides most of the motive power, assisted by the electric motors as required. The system bias is to switch back to the EV Drive Mode or Series Hybrid Modes as often and as soon as possible.

Performance Highlights:

·     Zero CO2 tailpipe emissions in EV mode.

·     1.9 l/100km fuel combined economy.

·     60kW Electric Motors located on the front and rear axles.

·     2.0L MIVEC DOHC Petrol engine (89kW / 121PS)

·     Twin Motor 4WD coupled with S-AWC (Super-All Wheel Control)

·     Top speed of 170km/h.

·     Total combined range of 824km.

·     Capacity for 5 adults plus luggage.

·     5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating

·     Kerb weight of 1,810kg.

·     Dimensions – 4,655 mm (L) x 1,800 mm (W) x 1,680 mm (H).

Equipment Highlights:

·     18” Alloy Wheels.

·     Front Foglights with Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

·     Dual-zone Automatic Air conditioning.

·     Navigation System including Rearview Camera for Reversing (Instyle)

·     7 Airbags including Drivers Knee Airbag.

·     Leather Wrapped Multi-function Steering Wheel.

·     Cruise Control.

·     Bluetooth System with Voice Control

·     Parking Sensors

·     Electric Sunroof (Instyle)

Pricing: For initial orders delivered to customers from now, there will be two separate trim levels available; the entry level Intense+ and the top-of-the-range Instyle retailing at €47,450.

*The retail price includes the €5,000 SEAI grant and Government VRT relief for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (currently in place until 31st December 2014). The price is also inclusive of batteries. Comparing favourably with the equivalent diesel version in the current Outlander line-up that retails at €39,950, the PHEV version presents a real alternative for families and business users alike seeking to reduce the cost of motoring without compromising on performance or function.

Ownership Benefits: The ultra-low running costs of the Outlander PHEV are a key advantage over traditional petrol and diesel cars, with ownership benefits including:

·    €1.20[1] to charge the electric drive battery at home for a cruising range of 52km.

·    1.9 l/100km combined fuel economy.

·    5-year battery warranty.

·    Low service and maintenance costs

·    2nd Lowest road tax bracket – Tax Band A1 for CO2 Emissions of less than 80 g/km.

·    ZERO exhaust emissions in EV mode – cleaner for the environment.

·    Free home charging point installation for the first 2,000 electric car owners.

ACA – Accelerated Capital Allowance

For small business owners, as well as, more extensive commercial fleets, the benefits of the Outlander PHEV – like reduced fuel, emission and running costs are obvious. However, in addition to this, under the ACA (Accelerated Capital Allowances) scheme, operated by the SEAI, companies can write off 100%[2] of the purchase value of “qualifying energy efficient equipment” including a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle against their profit in the year of purchase. See for full details.

EV Functions:

·      Regenerative Braking. Activated either when lifting off the accelerator pedal or when braking. Six levels of regeneration available through driver selection increases the level of regeneration.

·      Battery Charge Mode: On-the-go battery charge function. Driver activated function provides 80% charge in c.40 mins

·      Battery Save Mode: Driver selected function to save existing battery charge level with option to drive in EV mode later.

·     Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) to warn pedestrians of approaching vehicle below 35 km/h.

·     On-board recharging system with cable (flat-to-full in 4.5-hours).

·     On-board rapid charging system (flat-to-80% full in 30 minutes).

Outlander PHEV Summary:

The Outlander PHEV is the world’s first self-power generating Twin Motor (permanent) 4WD plug-in hybrid SUV and offers the best of three worlds: the environmental performance of an electric vehicle (EV), the cruising range of a conventional vehicle, and the on and off-road performance of an SUV and when it launches in Ireland it will be the first plug-in hybrid vehicle available for Irish motorists.

[1] Based on Electric Ireland ValueSaver NightSaver price plan. Valid as of 7th May 2014.


[2] In relation to Passenger cars, the maximum allowable capital expenditure to which tax relief can be applied is as follows: CO2 Band A, B, C (<= 155g/km)

Allowable Expenditure = €24,000 regardless of the actual cost of the car