Ireland rates well in incentives to move to electric vehicles


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An analysis by UK insurance intermediary Compare The Market has found that Ireland is one of the more generous markets when it comes to offering incentives to purchase electric vehicles.

The report – ‘Electric Vehicle Incentives across Europe’, found that Ireland ranked in joint second place alongside Germany, the UK, Iceland, Malta and Portugal in providing incentives to encourage motorists to switch to electric cars in six out of eight identified categories such as purchase subsidies, tax benefits and infrastructure incentives.

Only France and Norway offered better inducements with incentives in seven out of the eight categories.

Croatia, Liechtenstein, Poland and Turkey were found to be the least incentivised of the thirty two European countries analysed, offering only a single financial benefit to their motorists to move to electric motoring.

Of the eight separate categories, Ireland was found to offer incentives in purchase subsidies, registration tax benefits, ownership tax benefits, company tax benefits, local incentives (such as free parking while charging), and infrastructure incentives. It was found not to offer any VAT benefits or other financial benefits such as exemption from import excise duties. 

The full analysis can be found here.