Kia partners with Ocean Cleanup to help rid oceans of plastic


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Kia signed a seven year global partnership with The Ocean Cleanup which will see the car manufacturer support the non-profit organisation to create solutions that will support a more sustainable future.

Based in the Netherlands, The Ocean Cleanup develops and scales technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, both by cleaning up accumulated waste and by curbing the inflow of new plastic via rivers. It has developed Interceptor Solutions to halt and extract river plastic before it reaches the ocean.

Kia will support The Ocean Cleanup through financial contributions and in-kind solutions to support ocean operations, as well as the construction of the Interceptor Solutions river cleaning devices. It will also supply vehicles to The Ocean Cleanup’s headquarters in the Netherlands. In return, The Ocean Cleanup will share usable fractions of the collected plastics with Kia as well as sharing the organisation’s research results and data on reducing plastic pollution.

“The key to Kia’s vision for a sustainable future is not just to change the product and service areas, but to make positive changes for the planet,” explained Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation. “Kia will continue to make inspirational movements though open partnerships with organisations like The Ocean Cleanup that have innovative technologies and ideas.”

Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, added: Plastic is not inherently a bad material, but we must use it responsibly. We demonstrate how we can turn pollution into a solution by launching applications that help clean the oceans and simultaneously – together with our partner Kia – provide proof that recycled plastic can be used sustainably. I hope we can inspire others to do the same. This cooperation is the next step in our efforts to ensure that our catch does not end up back in the environment while using its value to support our cleanup efforts further.”