New IAM RoadSmart chief pledges to focus on driver behaviour

Andy Barratt

A new Manifesto being published by IAM RoadSmart, the largest independent road safety organisation in the UK, says that driving should be seen as a core skill for business and a health and safety responsibility for all organisations in the public and private sector.

The Manifesto highlights the seven areas where IAM RoadSmart believes it can make the most impact in reducing the number of people killed and injured on roads. It will form the basis of a submission from IAM RoadSmart to the House of Commons Transport Committee Inquiry into Road Safety.

Spearheading the road safety organisation in his new role as Chairman of IAM RoadSmart is the Managing Director of Ford of Britain, Andy Barratt. He has pledged to focus on driver and rider behaviour in the road safety debate.

“In my roles at Ford, developing safe vehicles is the number one priority. In taking the Chair of IAM RoadSmart, my focus will be to ensure that human factors are high on the road safety agenda in order to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on roads in the UK.”

“As a cyclist, driver and pedestrian I’ve been pleased to lead Ford’s ‘Share the Road’ initiatives, encouraging cooperation and understanding between road users. As a motor industry representative chairing IAM RoadSmart, I believe that we can continue to find common ground, cooperation and practical ways forward to make sure that real change happens – with vehicle makers, politicians, the media, and with all road users.”

Andy has almost four decades of experience at the Ford Motor Company where he started as an apprentice. Since 2015 he has been Managing Director of Ford of Britain.

IAM RoadSmart’s Manifesto focuses on the importance of boosting the confidence of drivers and making it an enjoyable activity, while keeping everyone safe at the same time.

Embracing all stages of a driving and riding career from immediate post-test into older age, the Manifesto underlines the importance of periodic refresher courses. It also includes extending driver rehabilitation after a conviction for a wider variety of motoring convictions.

It also highlights the changing world of new technology as the switch to autonomous and connected vehicles continues to gather pace.