Nissan Leaf lights up Christmas Tree


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S5 Nissan Leaf McWilliam Park Hotel
Here’s a novel way to put your electric car to practical use if you’re not going anywhere over the Christmas holidays. The McWilliam Park Hotel in Claremorris, County Mayo became the first hotel in Ireland to power its Christmas tree – via an electric car. For a few days over Christmas, visitors to the hotel were faced with the slightly incongruous sight of a Nissan Leaf, which was supplied by Paul Dunn from Merrion Fleet, nosed into the hotel lobby with an electric cable running from it to the Christmas tree.
There was a practical side to the message. The company behind the initiative, Energy Co-Operatives Ireland (ECI), is a co-operative renewable energy consultancy promoting community access to the benefits of renewable energy. A spokesperson said the purpose was to show that an electric car can be used as an energy storage device. “The idea is to show people that while you can charge your e-car to enable you to drive, you can also take that charge from your car to charge the house”.
The McWilliam Park Hotel was delighted to support this unusual concept. “We’ve had an e-car charging point at the hotel for the last year and a half, and we have a strong focus on green energy at the hotel” said sales and marketing manager David Glynn.
Photo Credit: Michael Donnelly