SIXT brings “Mobility as a Service” to the next level


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• International mobility provider expands innovative mobility budget “MaaS” by public transport
• Cooperation with mobility experts XXImo: transactions can be managed via special SIXT Milo App and settled via the SIXT Mobility Visa Card
• SIXT Mobility Club: Pilot project supports learnings and change in corporate mobility

SIXT brings modern mobility for fleet customers to the next level: The international mobility service provider is further expanding its flexible mobility budget “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS). For the first time, fleet customers will be able to use the budget not only for the previously available mobility mix of car rental (SIXT rent), ride hailing (SIXT ride) and car & scooter sharing (SIXT share), but also for trips by Public transport. Furthermore, users can now track their spend vs budget, manage all transactions and tag business or private usage via the SIXT Milo App especially tailored to this service and pay for them via the SIXT Mobility Visa Card. SIXT is cooperating with mobility service provider XXImo, who provides both the cards and the app.
SIXT Mobility as a Service is a contemporary alternative to the classic company car and taxi. Employees of larger firms are increasingly moving away from a company car and prefer more flexible solutions for their individual mobility. SIXT supports companies in positioning themselves as attractive employers with its “Mobility as a Service” product. The mobility budget as an alternative to a company car is an important factor in attracting top young talented employees and is increasingly seen as an attractive incentive by current employees.
SIXT advises fleet customers on budget implementation within the company and on the introduction of the new SIXT Milo App and the new SIXT Mobility Visa Card. A highly specialised team manages the cards, reporting and invoicing.
Vinzenz Pflanz, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales of SIXT SE: “Mobility is an important keyword of our time. But for us, it is much more than that because we know what potential the right mobility has for companies. SIXT MaaS is the best example of this: it increases flexibility in use, increases the attractiveness of companies as innovative employers, is an important incentive for employees and can significantly reduce fleet costs thanks to its needs-based concept. That is why we will continue to develop and expand the model in cooperation with our customers.”

Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo adds: “The change in business mobility is based on a mix of the growing demand for individual choice, flexibility, new easy to use technology, sharing and care for the environment. The integrated technology of XXImo and Visa will support SIXT in their efforts to be front runner in best in class solutions.

SIXT Mobility Club: Corporate mobility in transition
The expansion of SIXT Mobility as a Service is in line with the introduction of the SIXT Mobility Club. The pilot project, in which numerous companies in Western Europe are participating, seeks to support the change from fixed company fleets to far more flexible use of vehicles. To this end, groups of 300 to 400 drivers exchange their company vehicles for the MaaS mobility budget for 3 to 6 months. The SIXT Mobility Club is thus a pioneer in changing corporate mobility with a view to changing fleet structures. The project is designed to allow all parties to learn more about how users behavior will change when changing from ownership to usership and what tools users utilize daily for routing and live traffic updates to navigate their daily schedules and the penetration of different modalities, therefore supporting the learning for the operator, user and Sixt on their continued development of MaaS.