Stellantis to buy car sharing joint venture from BMW and Mercedes-Benz


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Free2move, the Stellantis Group owned global mobility hub, has signed an agreement to acquire Share Now, the car sharing joint venture formed by Mercedes-Benz Mobility Group and BMW Group in 2019. 

Free2move provides mobility services for around 2 million subscribers, offering rental vehicles, parking spaces and charging points. The acquisition will help Free2move expand in 14 European cities and add 10,000 new cars, including 3,000 electric cars, to its 2,500 car sharing fleet.

Following the sale of Share Now, BMW and Mercedes-Benz will continue to focus on the two remaining parts of their mobility cooperation: Free Now, an app that enables the booking of cars, taxis, e-scooters and e-bikes, and the charging infrastructure booking app Charge Now, according to Reuters.

“Integrating Share Now’s strong position in major European cities will allow our customers to gain greater access to a wider range of services to satisfy their varied mobility needs,” said Brigitte Courtehoux, Free2move CEO. “Equally important, this acquisition will also accelerate our profitable growth. We are now a step closer to achieving our goal of expanding Free2move’s worldwide presence to 15 million active users by 2030.”

Free2move has been expanding rapidly recently, having announced the acquisition of Opel Rent in March from Techno Einkauf GmbH and Verband deutscher Opelhändler (VDOH) Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH to expand the fleet and the range of services offered in Germany and Austria. It has accelerated its car-sharing expansion in the United States, with service now available in Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, Columbus, Ohio and Austin, Texas. In Europe, Free2move also operates car sharing in Paris and Madrid.