Toyota to make its Guardian safety technology available to other manufacturers


In an unusually altruistic move for a major motor manufacturer, Toyota has announced that the technology behind its new automated safety system, Toyota Guardian, will be made available to all car manufacturers to use.

Toyota Guardian combines safety technology with a driver’s skills and awareness to amplify human control of a car. Unlike some other automated driving technologies, it is not intended to replace the driver, rather it works with him or her to avoid life-threatening situations. The driver is in control of the car at all times, except where Toyota Guardian anticipates or identifies a pending incident and employs a corrective response in coordination with driver input.

Toyota announced at the annual CES show in Las Vegas that it will share its Guardian technology with all car manufacturers so that it’s not just Toyota drivers who will benefit from this new life saving technology.

Steve Tormey, Chief Executive of Toyota Ireland commented: “It shows how committed Toyota is to the safety of all road users. By making the patented Guardian technology available to all manufacturers it’s a clear demonstration of being Built For A Better World. No matter what car you drive, we believe in making the roads safer for everyone.”

Separately Toyota continues to develop its Chauffeur automated driving software which focuses on fully autonomous vehicles. Steve Tormey added “While we continue to work on developing a fully autonomous system, the innovative Guardian system works alongside drivers and will help correct human mistakes and prevent as many incidents as possible.”