Which cities are most expensive for on-street parking?

Source: https://www.picodi.com/ie/bargain-hunting/cost-of-on-street-parking

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With increasing traffic congestion and greater focus by governments to encourage people out of their cars, the cost of parking in cities has been steadily increasing. A survey by picodi.com of 48 major capitals reveals that London can be the most expensive city in which to park your car, with an hourly rate of up to €9.90 depending on the location. Parking in Amsterdam and Oslo can cost up to €7.50 per hour, while Paris, Talinn, Zurich, Copenhagen and Riga all charge over €5 per hour to park in city centre locations in those cities.

The survey found that parking charges in Dublin range between €0.60 and €3.20 an hour, putting it mid-table in comparison to other European cities.

If cheap parking is a criterion in deciding where to visit, the city offering the best value rates is Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, which charges just 18 cents for an hour’s parking. Nur-Suktan in Kazakhstan is close behind with a charge per hour of 20 cents, while neither Buenos Aires nor the Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek will break the bank with hourly costs of 26 cents to park in their cities.

Resident Parking Permit Costs

The survey by picodi.com also analysed how much people living in paid parking zones can park without time limits and at more favourable rates, provided they live in the city permanently and pay taxes there, with Dublin among the more expensive cities in which to purchase a resident parking permit.

Permits in the Irish capital were found to range between €50 and €400, which compares unfavourably with London where rates varied between €0 and €236. 

That’s still cheap though compared to Stockholm where resident parking permits range between €357 and €1,309, with Latvian capital Riga close behind with prices between €300 and €1,020.

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris and Bucharest all have maximum permit charges more expensive than Dublin, with the flat rate €522 permit charge in Paris applying across the entire city – in most capitals charging zones only apply within limited areas. At the other end of the scale, in 6 of the 48 cities surveyed, namely Lisbon, Tirana, Skopje, Rome, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, residents can leave their car on the street with a parking meter for free if they park near their place of residence.

Six cities of those surveyed, including New York, do not have any resident permit system, meaning people living in these areas have to pay the regular parking rates to leave their vehicle close to their home.